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Restore from RecycleBin if is not in Directory

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i m using this func: 

#Include <Array.au3>

Func _EnumRecycleBinItems($sRoot = '')

    Local $oShellApp, $oRecycleBin, $oFolderItems, $oItem

    $oShellApp = ObjCreate('Shell.Application')
    $oRecycleBin = $oShellApp.NameSpace(10)
    If Not IsObj($oRecycleBin) Then
        Return SetError(1, 0, 0)

    Local $Ret, $Result[101][6] = [[0]]

    $sRoot = StringStripWS($sRoot, 3)
    If $sRoot > '' Then
        If StringInStr($sRoot, ':') Then
            $sRoot = StringRegExpReplace($sRoot, ':.*', '')
            $sRoot = ''
        If Not FileExists($sRoot & ':') Then
            Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
    $Ret = DllCall('shell32.dll', 'none', 'SHGetSettings', 'uint*', 0, 'dword', 2)
    If @error Then
        Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
    $oFolderItems = $oRecycleBin.Items()
    For $oItem In $oFolderItems
        If ($sRoot > '') And ($sRoot <> StringLeft($oItem.Path, 1)) Then
        $Result[0][0] += 1
        If $Result[0][0] > UBound($Result) - 1 Then
            ReDim $Result[$Result[0][0] + 100][UBound($Result, 2)]
        $Result[$Result[0][0]][0] = $oRecycleBin.GetDetailsOf($oItem, 0) ; Original name
        $Result[$Result[0][0]][1] = $oRecycleBin.GetDetailsOf($oItem, 1) ; Original path
        $Result[$Result[0][0]][2] = $oRecycleBin.GetDetailsOf($oItem, 2) ; Deleted date
;       $Result[$Result[0][0]][3] = $oRecycleBin.GetDetailsOf($oItem, 3) ; Size
        $Result[$Result[0][0]][3] = $oItem.Size ; Size
        $Result[$Result[0][0]][4] = FileGetAttrib($oItem.Path) ; Attributes
        $Result[$Result[0][0]][5] = $oItem.Path ; Recycle name
        If (Not $Ret[1]) And (Not StringInStr($Result[$Result[0][0]][4], 'D')) Then
            If StringInStr($Result[$Result[0][0]][5], '.') Then
                $Result[$Result[0][0]][0] &= StringRegExpReplace($Result[$Result[0][0]][5], '^.*\.', '.')
    ReDim $Result[$Result[0][0] + 1][UBound($Result, 2)]
    Return $Result
EndFunc   ;==>_EnumRecycleBinItems

$Data = _EnumRecycleBinItems()

; To recover a file all you need do is:
FileMove($Data[1][5], $Data[1][0]) ; Recovers the first file in the list


I would like to modify it so that if the file has not been deleted and therefore is not in the recycle bin, it start the rest of my program...

if instead there is a file in the recycle bin I would like it to restore it and then do the rest..is it possible? Cause now if there is not a file in recycle bin an error appears.

thx a lot


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yes, if there is no file in the recyclebin when i open my program it gives me this error "

FileMove($Data[1][5], $Data[1][0])

Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.


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