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Script to Check for File and Exit if not found after a time

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I have a script that opens a web browser,  enters in an URL and thru API pulls down a CSV file.  This is the first step in my script and once the file is downloaded I move it from downloads to another directory and do some other processing.   

If this file doesn't download I want to skip that whole section and move on to the next API Download.  I can't offer a sample of my script, Its kinda proprietary but the jist is this.>>

Heres what I do now.

shellexecute("Chrome.exe" , "https://www.somedb.com/query?FILEXYX&datatype=csv


IF FileExists("C:\Users\jsmith

\Downloads\XYZ.csv") then
;Clear Dropbox for Today's csv processing.
FileDelete ("\\dropbox\dropbox\backups\*.*")




;close chrome
winactivate("Untitled - Google Chrome","")
winwaitactive("Untitled - Google Chrome","")
send ("!{f4}")
WinWaitClose("Untitled - Google Chrome","","")


(Rinse and repeat with a different filename in the shell execute. 

I need to get rid of the Sleep(4999) and put in some code that looks for the file for 5 seconds. If it appears at anytime between 01-5000 miliseconds, immediately drop to the regular code after the THEN and process normally,  or if it doesn't exist after 5 seconds,  drop me down to the ELSE/ENDIF 



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You could replace the blind ShellExecute (...) by an intelligent InetGet ( "URL", "filename", $options , $background), which gives a lot of information if used in background along with its good friend InetGetInfo ($handle).  Take a look at those statements, I think you will like them...

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@HTRN, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum.

regarding simple file download, the suggestion above made by @Nine is good. for a more general-purpose approach, you can replace the Sleep() and the FileExists() condition with a call to a function like this:

Func _FileExists_Timeout($sFile, $iTimeout) ; $iTimeout in milliseconds
    ; start counting time
    Local $hTimer = TimerInit()

    ; do stuff as long as the time count has not yet reached timout
    While TimerDiff($hTimer) < $iTimeout
        If FileExists($sFile) Then Return True ; check if the file exists
        Sleep(100) ; do not hog the CPU

    ; if you reached this point, it means the file does not exist after timeout
    Return False
EndFunc   ;==>_FileExists_Timeout

read it carefully, look at the help file for TimerInit() and TimerDiff(). i have commented each line for you, but the code itself is quite simple. that function can be altered quite simply to match any process you need to check with time constraints.

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Instead of just checking if the file exists, I would suggest to use the InetGetInfo () options $INET_DOWNLOADREAD / $INET_DOWNLOADSIZE to create a progress bar.  That would make a high-quality UI especially for long downloads...

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I appreciate the in depth information I get from  InetGet ( "URL", "filename", $options , $background) but for this application which is run after hours on a PC as stand alone script,  Orb's basic outline helped me build exactly what I needed.

I simply plugged in the static data for the variables,  plugged the returned "True" or "False"  into my IF THEN ELSE statement and it works like a charm.  


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