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Filter particular and take count of rows in that filter and remove filter later

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i have an excel with data from A to MX.

I have to apply filter for all rows and filter N to specific term say "Yes" and take count of number of rows in that filter.
Later i have to remove that filter.

I am not sure where to add that "Yes" term in Excel_FilterSet ( $oWorkbook, $vWorksheet, $vRange, $iField [, $sCriteria1 = Default [, $iOperator = Default [, $sCriteria2 = Default]]] )

Any suggestions and ideas??

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I am not sure you are taking the right path if you intend just to get a count.  Filter is used normally to show a different view of the data, not to simplify count or other math operations.  Since we do not know exactly what you want to achieve, I would suggest this :

Local $aSelect = _Excel_RangeFind ($oWorkbook, "Yes", "I1:I99")
_ArrayDisplay ($aSelect)


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Hi ,

i have tried this,

$oRange = $oExcel.ActiveSheet.Range("A:A")
MsgBox(4096, "Excel Count Non-Blank Cells", $oExcel.WorksheetFunction.CountA($oRange))

Now i am getting total count of columns..but not filtered ones..

Will any edit in this help?

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