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TreeView Sort dont work proper

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Hi Community,

I use autoit for a very long time and I am very impressed about it.

Now, for the first time, I cant find a solution and cant resolve this problem by my self.

I load "Location Information" about Clients from .conf files (in my example I create an Array with testdata to Show the Problem).

The Client files are sorted alphabetically, so the "Location Info" ist collected randomly.

The TreeView is used to collect clients in the same Location together, without duplicate location entries.

But the sort function result is not what i expect.

Hope someone can help. Thank you.


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Agree with you.  Use instead :


Tested with your data, works perfect.  Place those 3 lines at start of your script (before TreeView creation).

Global $aSortData[][] = [[0,0],[1, 0],[2, 0],[3, 0],[4, 0]]
_ArrayMultiColSort($aClient, $aSortData)
$aClient[0][0] = 5

and remove _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort ($hTreeview).  Set the number base-0 after sort.

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