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ShellFolder object filter

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what can be used to verify the true location of a targeted folder

for 1 i got the downloads folder targeted to D:\down1 when I browse with explorer in  D:\ It  is seen as  D:\Downloads with its special folder icon

In this doc I see only the SHCONTF_INIT_ON_FIRST_NEXT which won't do anything special or expand to D:\down1

what can fix getting correct true path for targeted folders using object filters or something to jump it

currently it lists as  D:\Downloads just like  explorer does it


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Maybe this is what you are after :

Global $oShellApplication = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
Local $oShellFolder = $oShellApplication.NameSpace("C:\Users\" & @UserName)
Local $oShellFolderItems = $oShellFolder.Items()
$oShellFolderItems.Filter(0x20, "*")
For $oShellFolderItem In $oShellFolderItems
  ConsoleWrite("Name : " & $oShellFolderItem.name & " / Real path : " & $oShellFolderItem.path & @CRLF)


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