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StringFormat for currency

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I am trying to left-pad currency with blank spaces, and the following example does work, but it uses StringFormat twice. Is there a way to accomplish this with just one use of StringFormat? Thanks for any help.

ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("%10s", StringFormat("%#.2f", "123")) & @CRLF)

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Another alternative:

ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("$%10.2f", 5) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("$%10.2f", 50) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("$%10.2f", 500.125) & @CRLF)


$      5.00
$     50.00
$    500.13


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58 minutes ago, geller said:

I just wish the string-format documentation was more detailed...

You must read all the documentation carefully and look at the examples.  There are 10s of different formats shown in the example scripts.  Just open them and make some test.  But I suppose it is less demanding to ask here for help, right ?

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