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script converted to .exe does not work with scheduler. - (Moved)

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I am trying to run an .exe created from my autoscript .au3 script using Task Scheduler - as a task. But it is not working.

I am trying this on both windows 7 and 2010.

While checking online for work arounds - the autoit exe s since are of interactive type - Some other suggested to use /interactive mode with AT command but this too did not work.

I tried using PsExec.exe but this too did not work.

Can someone please help?


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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the Developer General Discussion forum very clearly states:


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Thanks for reply and suggestion, Zedna.

Using AutoItInfo tool and using Next and Child recursively finding controls technique - also we are NOT able to find the  ControlID of the object.

This application is XBase++ application of old time - i am not sure its due that that we are unable to find Controld.

Can all data entry areas in application we can find that?

In some screen there is requirement to press F2 or Esc as per this application - can it that case we can use control Id? 

ControlId is mandatory in ControlSend/ControlSetText etc.  I know controlid can be given in many ways - all fields are in a MDChild class / object but individually they are not showing up using above 2 techniques i.e. AutoItInfo tool and recursively using CHild/Next control object finding.

How I can over come this or is there workaround it?

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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Adding info to convey issue clearly.
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I went thru various replies to my query on How to run Autoscript exe automation program thru scheduler. 

I thank you all active members for their help extended to me so far.


I would share my one more experience, may be some already knows it, which may be helpful to someone.

It is this: I used z-cron task scheduler - it works fine and is not so expensive. It has 30 days trial and very easy to install and use. (I am no way connected to z-cron commercially - nor i have purchased it yet but inclined based on my so far as one of the options.) z-cron is scheduler and runs autoit exe program in interactive mode with even when user is LOCKED the terminal  when I removed, as suggested by members above, Send commands and replaced with ControSend etc. 


I still have, I think ,last query/issue as corollary / continuous in this thread:

I am trying to automate Xbase++ application - Some places / screens there is NO way, I know, to get rid of Send e.g.

- I am not able to access Menu items (I tried with WinMenuSelectItem but it did not work), I tried using winspector and autoscriptInfo but did not get any control info, its in MDIChild / Edit object only, I used recursively Child and Next object commands in AutoIt - that too do not reveal anything/handles). 

So I had used the Send command (now only in 2 places to get to the Report selection / Menu Item selection. But in this case Locked terminal is NOT working - user has to be logged in all the time.

Can this be helped in or we have a deadend here?

Thanks a lot for your support so far, I truly appreciate it.




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Have you tried to manipulate directly the DBF files ?  I remember seeing a few thread on this topic. I believe Xbase++ use same format as dBase, right ?

I you cannot get rid of Send, the approach you are currently taking seems to be a deadend...

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Once again thanks and I appreciate the support from you all who replied and otherwise.

By the way I was trying this evening here and found something which above was mentioned earlier by members but myself being new, without being humble, I misunderstood the help extended and my revelation about AutoIt is this which I am sure most of you experienced in AutoIt must be knowing but I will repeat for the benefits of other like me:

Problem was how to send key strokes if ControId is not there using ControlSend instead of just Send commands since I want to use scheduling of the task. 

I misunderstood from the help given due my newness that I must have ControId.

My understanding was wrong and I now realize that out of Title, Text and ControlId, I still can send the keystrokes using ControlSend command  with just having Window Title itself which works / replaces earlier used Send command. I know many of you will now know what an stupidity of ASSUMPTION! But lot of experience in the programming also did make me do such stupid mistake.

Second learning was that I was always thinking I must activate window before sending  any key strokes etc. command/message.

I was wrong there, I realize now that with window handle (title/handle) I can still send to specific window and as part of that ControlSend it may activate or not but sending message to specific window/application window will still work and I still think/guess it will send the command to that window only which is mentioned in the $hWnd of that window! 

WIthout being humber I still feel it was assumption live done by novice to programmiing and I am not novice to overall programming as such though I am novice proved beyond doubt in AutoIt framework.

I am so elated now that I can make my automaton program work using z-cron as far is system is at LOCKED by the user.

Thanks ALL of YOU truly for being such a supportive and bearing with a NOVICE. 

I can now consider this as closed for now for me - Till I run into another issue and I am not thinking it will not be so- I expect I may run back to community here again with another issue in future though it will now at differnt level or area of AutoIt automation.

Thanks and God Bless All Members.


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