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how to click on menu/options websites

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To start you up :

Local $oIE = _IECreate("https://www.fhlbny.com/")
  $oTags = _IETagNameGetCollection ($oIE, "a")
  For $oTag in $oTags
    If $oTag.innerText = "ABOUT US" Then
      ConsoleWrite ("found" & @CRLF)
  $oTag.click ()


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#include "wd_core.au3"
#include "wd_helper.au3"
Local $sDesiredCapabilities, $sSession
$sSession = _WD_CreateSession($sDesiredCapabilities)
_WD_Navigate($sSession, "https://www.fhlbny.com")
$lPartial = True
_WD_LinkClickByText($sSession, $sText, $lPartial)

Func SetupChrome()
_WD_Option('Driver', 'chromedriver.exe')
_WD_Option('Port', 9515)
_WD_Option('DriverParams', '--log-path="' & @ScriptDir & '\chrome.log"')

$sDesiredCapabilities = '{"capabilities": {"alwaysMatch": {"goog:chromeOptions": {"w3c": true }}}}'

Func _ChromeSetInputValueById($sSession, $Id, $Value)
    $sButton = _WD_FindElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//input[@id='"&$Id&"']")
    _WD_ElementAction($sSession, $sButton, 'value', $Value)


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@tak09 Please reread my earlier post, which explains how to properly post code on the forum. It also requests that you post text and not a screenshot when possible. :rolleyes:

As far as your current issue, "menu-item-5075" is the id for a completely different element. That function is designed to search for the link's text. Therefore, you want to use something like this --

_WD_LinkClickByText($sSession, "ABOUT US")


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