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IE hidden value- Help please

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Hi all 

I'm trying to use IE to get some value; however, the site doesn't show the hidden value.


<input id="CachePath" name="CachePath" type="hidden" value="">

I tried FF and chrome and the value is there


<input id="CachePath" name="CachePath" type="hidden" value="977">


How can I fix IE to show the value as FF and chrome? Is there some setting I have to change in IE?

Here's an example of my code

Local $oIE = _IECreate("WEBsite")
Local $sHTML = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "CachePath")
if @error Then MsgBox(0,"Error found 1", @error)
$value = _IEFormElementGetValue($sHTML)
ConsoleWrite($value )


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Just now, Danp2 said:

If the value isn't there in IE, then that's likely an server-side issue so I doubt there's anything you can do to solve this on your own.

What's the website?

The value is shown in FF and Chrome, and according to my research; IE is removing the cached value once the page loaded.  Is there some setting in IE to keep the hidden value just like FF and Chrome! 

It is my company website. I'm using my credential to access it. 

this is IE


 <form id="formPostDoc" method="post">
        <input name="EntityID" id="EntityID" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="SessionID" id="SessionID" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="ProjID" id="ProjID" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="DocID" id="DocID" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="PageNum" id="PageNum" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="CachePath" id="CachePath" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="ReadFilePath" id="ReadFilePath" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="FileName" id="FileName" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="AnnotationFileName" id="AnnotationFileName" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="CacheEncryptKeyValue" id="CacheEncryptKeyValue" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="DisplayOnly" id="DisplayOnly" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="COLDTextDisplay" id="COLDTextDisplay" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="PrintPageIndex" id="PrintPageIndex" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="PrintDisplayMode" id="PrintDisplayMode" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="PrintInformationalContent" id="PrintInformationalContent" type="hidden" value="">
        <input name="CIFS" id="CIFS" type="hidden" value="">

This is Chrome 


<form id="formPostDoc" method="post" target="Windows" action="/PrintPages.aspx">
        <input id="EntityID" name="EntityID" type="hidden" value="157">
        <input id="SessionID" name="SessionID" type="hidden" value="8566365585">
        <input id="ProjID" name="ProjID" type="hidden" value="2">
        <input id="DocID" name="DocID" type="hidden" value="1">
        <input id="PageNum" name="PageNum" type="hidden" value="0">
        <input id="CachePath" name="CachePath" type="hidden" value="7855254">
        <input id="ReadFilePath" name="ReadFilePath" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="FileName" name="FileName" type="hidden" value="printPreview2020080914123947.pdf">
        <input id="AnnotationFileName" name="AnnotationFileName" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="CacheEncryptKeyValue" name="CacheEncryptKeyValue" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="DisplayOnly" name="DisplayOnly" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="COLDTextDisplay" name="COLDTextDisplay" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="PrintPageIndex" name="PrintPageIndex" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="PrintDisplayMode" name="PrintDisplayMode" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="PrintInformationalContent" name="PrintInformationalContent" type="hidden" value="">
        <input id="CIFS" name="CIFS" type="hidden" value="true">


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You cannot ask IE to provide something that it doesn't want to provide.  If you have more success with Chrome, use WebDriver UDF.

Unless you give us access to your site, I am afraid we cannot help much more.

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