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Regular Expression Help, File Extension

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I'm trying to write a regular expression to test if a file path has a file extension at the end.  I'm testing for...     after the last fullstop (period) then there's only characters up to the end of the string.   I get a bit fullstop happy writing regex and worry that im casting too wide a net.  This works i think but is there a better way?

Local $path = '"' & @ScriptDir & "\Log_" & @YEAR & "-" & @MON & "-" & @MDAY & ".csv" & '"'
$array = StringRegExp($path,"\.(.+)\z",0)
msgbox(1,"HAS FILE EXTENSION?",$array)

I know about PathSplit.  Just trying to learn.

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You are grabbing the ending quotes.  Not sure you really want that.

This way will work with or without ending quotes :

$array = StringRegExp($path,'\.([^"]+)',1)


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