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change stringsplit array

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You cannot assign new value like that.  You can retrieve it with the way you use, but cannot set it.

One way :

#include <array.au3>

Global $Data[2]
Global $test[2] = ["hello,test,yes","no,bu,zam,xod"]

For $n = 0 To 1
  $Data[$n] = StringSplit($test[$n],",")

SetArray($data[1], 1, "gar")

Func SetArray (ByRef $aArr, $iIdx, $vVal)
  $aArr[$iIdx] = $vVal


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Pretty sure this is a bug.

Assigning a value to expression should return an error, lest one think that some variable is actually being modified somewhere.

In its purest form it doesn’t even involve arrays, for instance:

Local $a=1, $b=2

($a) = $b


The second statement should throw an AutoIt error, something to the effect of 

Cannot assign value to an expression.


Code hard, but don’t hard code...

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