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Load all items from ListBox to file

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hello I'm trying to move all listbox items to a file.

it works if there are few items.(~100 items)

if there are ~ 800 items, the result will be ~ 400-700 or 0

what am I doing wrong?

; Script Start - Add your code below here
#include <Constants.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include <GuiListBox.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>


$cHNW2 = WinActivate ("Symulacja NC")

 $cControlIDForti = ControlGetHandle($cHNW2, "" , "[CLASS:TListBox; INSTANCE:1]")

$cControlIDFortiCount = _GUICtrlListBox_GetCount($cControlIDForti) ; Items count in the ListBox
 MsgBox (0,"",$cControlIDFortiCount)

$file = FileOpen("E:\test.nc", 2)
For $i = 1 To $cControlIDFortiCount
      FileWrite($file, _GUICtrlListBox_GetText($cControlIDForti, $i))




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810 = 1
811 = 1
812 = 1
813 = 1
>Exit code: 0    Time: 20.66

ok all lines loaded :)

I noticed that when I run the script in SciTe it works fine, but when I run the script from file MyScript.au3 or MyScript.exe then I don't get all the lines

Overall, that's enough for me, it's not a problem to turn on SciTe every time :)

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