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PS-CSV-For each in Autoit


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I have worked with Powershell and the function For each and i'm looking to apply it in autoit. I think my research go in the wrong way and i require your help please


I trying to import a csv (or any other way) with one column to create a "foreach" loop. The script has to be a au3 only.


Example :  

$users = toto,tata,tutu

foreach ($user in $users)

send ("$user")


I apologize about my Autoit scripting knowless and i hope you will be easy with me for this time ^^

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1 hour ago, spudw2k said:

Or this also

or without the return count in the first element ;)

$users = 'toto,tata,tutu'
$users = StringSplit($users,',', 2) ; 2 = disable the return count in the first element

For $user In $users
    ConsoleWrite($user & @CRLF)



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