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Script to check new files + read it

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Hello, I'm using a script from a theard:



When new file is added, it info about it. What I'm trying to do is to read new added file to use detail from it in future:



MsgBox(0,"Test", FileReadLine("unknown.txt",1))


Problem is that file which will be added in a folder is unknow with random number letters, how can I read it than? Script from other theard see name of that file, but I cannot read it, tried few ways but no one worked yet. Maybe anyone could help?


Thank you

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See _WinAPI_ReadDirectoryChanges

nb.  this is a blocking version of the API.  Take a look at the example.  See if it could fit your needs.  Otherwise, you can use the non-blocking version of the API, but it is not available as _WinAPI_* function from AutoIt.

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to check new file's use below script:

#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>
Func _EnumFiles($dir = "")
    Global $prev, $prev_o = "on"
    While 1
        Global $aData = _WinAPI_EnumFiles($dir, 1, '*.*;')
        For $i = 1 To $aData[0][0]
            if $prev_o = "on" Then
                for $i2 = 1 To $aData[0][0]
                    $prev = $prev & $aData[$i2][0] & @CRLF
                $prev_o = "off"
            if StringInStr($prev, $aData[$i][0]) Then
                MsgBox(0, '', $aData[$i][0])
                $prev = ""
                $prev_o = "on"

EndFunc   ;==>_EnumFiles

to Read File use FileRead

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