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Unzip a large number of compressed folder fast

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Some days I am tasked with unzipping multiple compressed folder which can range from ~500MB - ~3GB of data compressed for each folder.  Today I use PowerShell with Expand-Archive but it's slow as hell.  Just wondering if AutoIt has anyway to do it faster maybe with multithread or some other way?


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Hi antmar904,

have you ever compared how long it would take you with the same file with 7-ZIP or Windows Explorer?

AutoIt does not support multithreading.
However, if you have multiple files, you can start multiple instances that will extract the different archives.

Please keep in mind that the unpacking speed is also limited on the hardware side.

Here is a link for you from the UDF Wiki:

Maybe you will find something suitable there.



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32 minutes ago, antmar904 said:

the 7z gui was faster than scripting it with powershell

If you don't want the full 7-Zip GUI, or only a progress bar, then you can use the commandline tools.

Description :
You will need the latest commandline tools of 7-Zip and the file 7z.dll
7za.exe   : without GUI
7zG.exe   : with GUI (optional)  : useful for larger amounts of data to display a progress bar
7-zip.chm : Helpfile (optional) - contains a list of command line parameters

Example : Extract with progress bar :

$s7ZipDir = @ScriptDir ; directory where the tools are located
$sFile    = "Testfile.zip"
$sDestDir = @ScriptDir & "\mysoftware"
$sCommand = $s7ZipDir & '\7zG.exe x "' & $sFile & '" -o"' & $sDestDir & '" -aoa -y'
RunWait ($sCommand, "", @SW_SHOW)




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