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Other behavior run from Scite (f5) or from CMD line


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#include <ProcessConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPIHObj.au3>
#include <WinAPIProc.au3>
#include <WinAPISys.au3>
Global $iErrorlevel

Global $iErrorlevel

ConsoleWrite('OverWrite? Yes / No / Cancel' & @CRLF)
 $ret = _DosChoice('ABC')

 ConsoleWrite('Exit code: ' & $iErrorlevel & @CRLF)
 ConsoleWrite('Exit code: ' & $ret & @CRLF)

Func _DosChoice($sKeys)

    ; _WinAPI_CreateProcess() will be the best solution
    Local $iPID = RunWait('CHOICE /C ' & $sKeys)  ;<- tried with command /c .. no dice 
    If Not $iPID Then

    ; Note, immediately open the process
    Local $hProcess
    If Number(_WinAPI_GetVersion()) >= 6.0 Then
        $hProcess = _WinAPI_OpenProcess($PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION, 0, $iPID)
        $hProcess = _WinAPI_OpenProcess($PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, 0, $iPID)
    If Not $hProcess Then

    ; Wait until the process exists, try enter "exit 6"
    While ProcessExists($iPID)

    Global $iErrorlevel =  _WinAPI_GetExitCodeProcess($hProcess)
;~ ConsoleWrite('Exit code: ' & _WinAPI_GetExitCodeProcess($hProcess) & @CRLF)

Return $iErrorlevel  <- just trying to make it go away <g>

EndFunc   ;==>_DosChoice

 I'm trying to grab the errorlevel from the command CHOICE.

If I run the above code from scite it works like a charm a dos box opens showing me ABC and if I press one of those keys it continues and returns the errorlevel.

But if I run this from the command line  the choice command doesn't exit .. it just lingers showing the key you pressed?

How can I change this behavior?  I needs to be a CLI program.





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 Local $iPID = Runwait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'choice /c ync')  gives a handle invalid ?

Maybe choice is doing something odd that messes with the cmd autoit part ...

Thanks for chipping in Nine really appreciate it. :)

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RunWait does not return a PID.  It returns the exit code of the program that was run. 

If it does not work for you, you should look at a keylogger or something, because you certainly have something wrong in your environment. 

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I tried an abbreviated version of your code:

Local iReturn  = RunWait('CHOICE /C ' & $sKeys)
MsgBox ( 4096 , @ScriptName , iReturn )

and it returns the 1, 2, or 3 based on the keypress.

Agreed with @Nine that something is wonky in your environment. Choice.exe lives in a couple locations on my box: 


Perhaps you'll need to path it out or use sysnative?

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Sorry for the late reply people,  I reinstalled my dev machine :)

@Nine yeah I think I messed something up that it gives that handle error.


I tried with the rsn code (added $ for the vars)  and yes it works compiled as GUI and yes it returns the errorlevel.

But if I compile as CUI it and run the exe via a cmd window it fails.

@rsn big question for rsn.. Did you compile as CUI ? and run via a CMD window.


Local $iReturn  = RunWait('CHOICE /C ' & $sKeys)
MsgBox ( 4096 , @ScriptName , $iReturn )

So with the reinstalled my dev machine and now tested the above code and  again it works in scite and it worked compiled as GUI and works from the CMD window.

To be sure I moved the exe file to a clean 2022 server and it works as expected.


But still compiled as CUI  it hangs / shows different behaviour and same on that clean 2022 server.  :(

So I'm not really sure it's the environment. 



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I am afraid that CHOICE will not work in a CUI script.  You can very closely emulate it with ConsoleWrite/ConsoleRead in Win10.  With Win7 there is known issue, where you will need to use _WinAPI_ReadFile for a CON file instead of ConsoleRead.  You will need to test it on your 2022 server.

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I'm so sorry that I didn't read about your CLI requirement. :'(

I did kind of get it to work on a command line. Try this:

#include <AutoItConstants.au3>
Local $iReturn  = RunWait( 'CHOICE /C ' & $sKeys , "" , @SW_SHOW , $RUN_CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE  )
ConsoleWrite ( $iReturn )

The last arg for RunWait seems to do the trick. Otherwise it'll appear to hang. 

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