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Problem with storing certain window titles (in this case, Notepad++) into ini files


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#include <Misc.au3>

MsgBox ( 0, "Test", "Select a window to test." )

Until _IsPressed(01)

Sleep ( 500 )

$sTitle = WinGetTitle ( "[ACTIVE]" )
$aPos = WinGetPos ( "[ACTIVE]" )

IniWrite ( "config.ini", $sTitle, "X", $aPos[0] )
IniWrite ( "config.ini", $sTitle, "Y", $aPos[1] )
IniWrite ( "config.ini", $sTitle, "W", $aPos[2] )
IniWrite ( "config.ini", $sTitle, "H", $aPos[3] )

I'm trying to store a window title and associated information into an ini file using IniWrite(). Notepad++ seems to break the [section]. Can somebody help me find a way around this issue? I appreciate any help.

Edit: Not FileWrite(), I'm sorry. I was in a rush to send this forum post before I had to leave somewhere. I meant IniWrite()

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The posted script is confusing as there is no FileWrite() in it and what exactly is the relation to Notepad++?
Try to explain your issue is a way we can understand and replicate it.

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I'm working on a script that will save window titles and their positions into an ini file for later use. It was going good until IniWrite() tried to write a window title that contained brackets in it, as I've just found I was able to replicate with a regular notepad file, the name of which is "File with [brackets] in the name.txt" so now that I was able to sit down and mess with the program a little, I've found that window titles that contain brackets seem to be ruining the IniWrite() function's job. Is there a way around this issue?

NotePad++ isnt the problem, it was that the title of the program that I happened to use and that broke my script was titled "Notepad++ [administrator]" and it was the brackets, not necessarily the Notepad++ program that caused it. Attached is a picture of the inifile that this creates a problem in:


I'd appreciate any suggestions to get around this issue.

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