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Multi-process DNS resolving


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Hi community

I intend to do mass DNS resolving. It has to be very fast because of its quantity (about 2000)
Currently I am openning parallelized "ping" and listen to them. Got a result of 1700 answers for 40 seconds
Above 50 ping processes performances started to decrease

I was minding using TCPNameToIP function wit forcing it to output result in STDOUT

Slave process

#include <Array.au3>

While 1
    TCPStartup ( )
    Local $sRes = TCPNameToIP ( $CmdLine [1] )
    If Not @error Then
        ConsoleWrite ( $sRes & @CRLF )
        ConsoleWrite ( "-1" & @CRLF )
    TCPShutdown ( )


Local $sHost_To_Check = "www.google.com"
While 1
    Local $tPing = Run ( @ScriptDir & "\TCPNameToIP.exe " & $sHost_To_Check, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_MERGED )
    $sStdout = StdoutRead ( $tPing )
    ConsoleWrite ( $sStdout & @CRLF )

It looks to be hard to listen to result as process close immediately after sending result

Would you please help me with this purpose ?
May be telling me what is the best way to achieve my goal


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