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Launch .m4a audio file with Media Player minimized / hidden


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I want to launch a .m4a audio file using the default Media Player.  I want the Media Player to run minimized / hidden and not be displayed.   I only want to hear the audio without the Media Player being displayed.  

I tried this but Windows Media Player still pops up in the foreground. 

ShellExecute("c:\myaudio.m4a", "", "", "", @SW_MINIMIZE)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Don't fight with external software, just use its COM OCX.

Local $sFullPath = "C:\Applications\AutoIt\WASApi\The Rolling Stones\The Rolling Stones - Lady Jane.mp3"
Local $oPlayer = ObjCreate("WMPlayer.OCX")
$oPlayer.URL = $sFullPath

Sleep(1000) ; Let enough time to start

While $oPlayer.playState = 3     ; 1 - stopped, 2 - paused, 3 - playing


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