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How do I send a Button Click with GUICtrlSendMsg() to myself?


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@Fingo  Not precisely true.  It could be appropriate under certain circumstances to send a message to self...

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

Global Const $MK_LBUTTON = 1


Func Example()
  Local $hGUI = GUICreate("Example", 300, 200)
  Local $idButton_Close = GUICtrlCreateButton("Close", 210, 170, 85, 25)

  Sleep(1000)  ; leave some time to see the GUI

  GUICtrlSendMsg($idButton_Close, $WM_LBUTTONDOWN, $MK_LBUTTON, 0x00030003)
  GUICtrlSendMsg($idButton_Close, $WM_LBUTTONUP, $MK_LBUTTON, 0x00030003)

  While 1
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
      Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, $idButton_Close
        ConsoleWrite("Closing GUI" & @CRLF)
EndFunc   ;==>Example


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