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_SplitMon:Window Mgmt Suite!


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I wasn't expecting a new version quite this quick. excelent work :-)

Thanks for adding the resize feature. I have tried the seperate resizer.au3 script you posted which works great but the latest version of splitview bombs out :-(

Look like it fails when detecting my dual screen setup.

I have had a quick look at the code and found that it only detects one device

$ID = PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4C66&SUBSYS_08600E11&REV_01\4&1BFA44D4&0&0008

in the following bit of code

; count the number of monitors and

; iterate through each monitor and populate the $results array

$i = 0

for $monitor in $slots

$ID = $monitor.PNPDeviceID

$i += 1

$results[$i]= $ID



To get around this I am using Spliview version 1 and resizer


Yeah, I hadn't planned on adding the Resizer, but once I saw Larry's script, I knew it had to be done :)

Thanks for the info, I was kinda thinking that might happen, but had no way of testing. I'm going to put together a small testing script in the next two days to see if I can nail down how monitors are detected on systems... I'll post it here hopefully tuesday night and then perhaps with some input from the forum I can get the autodetect of monitors/settings to work.

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Top Posters In This Topic

EnumDisplayMonitorsEnumerates display monitors that intersect a region formed by the intersection of a specified clipping rectangle and the visible region of a device context.GetMonitorInfoRetrieves information about a display monitor.MonitorEnumProcAn application-defined callback function that is called by the EnumDisplayMonitors function.MonitorFromPointRetrieves a handle to the display monitor that contains a specified point.MonitorFromRectRetrieves a handle to the display monitor that has the largest area of intersection with a specified rectangle.MonitorFromWindowRetrieves a handle to the display monitor that has the largest area of intersection with the bounding rectangle of a specified window.

the last 3 can be used to get a handle to a monitor which can then be used with GetMonitorInfo

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the last 3 can be used to get a handle to a monitor which can then be used with GetMonitorInfo

Finally some useful info, thanks quaizywabbit. I thought I had gone through the msdn, but I definitely missed that stuff. May take me awhile to figure out how to code it, but I'll get started when I can this week.

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I'm lost - What is the point and function of this script? What does it do?

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills... was it really that hard to understand?

*Sigh* well, in any case, I have updated the description significantly, please let me know if it makes sense. And once you understand it, if you think I should change the way I've described it, please let me know. :

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Sorry for the frequent updates, I plan on leaving it as-is for awhile now and see how it works for people. Anyway, no functionality has been changed, see first post for details.

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Hi fisofo,

I have had to add the following line of code into your script to get the resizer code to work

$dll = DllOpen("user32.dll")

Otherwise, great work and thanks for having the enthusiasm to incorporate my resizer suggestion.

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You need to add

$dll = "user32.dll"

Somewhere in that script.

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A very nice program. It is a pity that I can't get it work properly with Windows Vista.

Thanks! I was under the impression that most autoIt code worked under Vista, but if it doesn't I'm afraid I can't troubleshoot for now. Give me a few months until I get Vista from work, then I'll definitely figure it out :)

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I have used your script in my application. A user asked if it was possible to 'remember' the windows original position & size.

Just put 2 extra lines in _NewWinMove and 'voila'.

Func _NewWinMove($hWindow, $xPos, $yPos, $nWidth, $nHeight)

If $Maximized Then

Dim $rcNormalPosition[4] = [$xPos, $yPos, $xPos + $nWidth, $yPos + $nHeight]

Dim $struct_WP = DllStructCreate($WINDOWPLACEMENT)

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 1, DllStructGetSize($struct_WP))

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 2, 0)

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 3, @SW_RESTORE)

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 6, $rcNormalPosition[0], 1)

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 6, $rcNormalPosition[1], 2)

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 6, $rcNormalPosition[2], 3)

DllStructSetData($struct_WP, 6, $rcNormalPosition[3], 4)


DllCall($dll, "int", "SetWindowPlacement", "hwnd", $hWindow, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($struct_WP))

$struct_WP = 0



WinMove($hWindow, "", $xPos, $yPos, $nWidth, $nHeight)


EndFunc ; ==> _NewWinMove

The functions:

;author : Chr. Stoltenkamp

;purpose : Extention for SplitMon


#region ;HotKeySettings

HotKeySet("#{NUMPADDIV}", "_Remember_old_pos") ;WinKey + Numpad /

HotKeySet("#{NUMPADDOT}", "_Return_to_org_pos") ;WinKey + Numpad .


while 1 ;keep the program alive




Func _Dim_old_pos()

Global $cs_max_aantal_vensters=10

Global $cs_oldpos[$cs_max_aantal_vensters][5] ;5 => [1]=handle,[2]-[5]positie en grootte

Global $cs_vensternummer=0


Func _Remember_old_pos()

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) ;1=start, 2=subStr, 3=exact, 4=advanced

$cs_vensternummer +=1

If $cs_vensternummer > $cs_max_aantal_vensters-1 Then

$cs_max_aantal_vensters +=1

ReDim $cs_oldpos[$cs_max_aantal_vensters][5]


$cs_pos = WinGetPos("active")

$cs_oldPos[$cs_vensternummer][0] = WinGetHandle("active") ;handle window

$cs_oldPos[$cs_vensternummer][1] = $cs_Pos[0] ;x positie

$cs_oldPos[$cs_vensternummer][2] = $cs_Pos[1] ;y positie

$cs_oldPos[$cs_vensternummer][3] = $cs_Pos[2] ;width

$cs_oldPos[$cs_vensternummer][4] = $cs_Pos[3] ;hight

WinSetTitle($cs_oldPos[$cs_vensternummer][0],"",WinGetTitle("active","") & " <<< Position secured >>> <Winvlag+Num.dot> = Restore")


Func _Return_to_org_pos()

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

$cs_handle = WinGetHandle("active")

For $i = 1 To UBound($cs_oldPos)-1

If $cs_handle=$cs_oldPos[$i][0] Then






WinSetTitle($cs_handle,"",StringReplace(WinGetTitle("active","")," <<< Position secured >>> <Winvlag+Num.dot> = Restore",""))


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I have used your script in my application. A user asked if it was possible to 'remember' the windows original position & size.

Just put 2 extra lines in _NewWinMove and 'voila'.

Well, two lines there and 50 elsewhere :D

Anyway, I like the idea so I'll clean it up a bit and add it to the next version. Thank you!

For those curious, Here's a look at what else is in the next version:

- changed the way direction checks are performed (for moving a window to another monitor) to improve accuracy

- Improved Resizer key combination code to call less frequently; giving a performance boost

- I've incorporated some slick icons into the task tray icon that change depending on your monitor config

- The new code will now automatically detect when monitors change resolution/position/etc...

- Drastically improved the performance on multi-monitor systems, also changed the manner in which a window moves from one monitor to another for more increase in speed.

-There will also be additional GUI options to disable the extra features if you don't want them running.

And I'm closer to getting this working:

- interpret maximize event as maximize to half the screen, etc...

I don't think the "Snapping" feature will come in for some time yet, if ever, but I've stumbled on some improvements to the Resizer that should prove interesting. Stay tuned!

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If you like I can supply you with 2 more simple functions:

1) function to set the active window "On Top".

2) function to set the transparancy for the active window.

I'm not sure I'll include those at this point. For one, they are easy to do by themselves, and besides that, I'm not sure it fits that well with the scope of this project.

Thank you for the ideas though, feel free to keep brainstorming :D

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