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Progress bar in the status bar?

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Hi, i would like to know if its possible to put a progress bar in a status bar

i think i saw it somewhere but i dont remember where

if someone could help me

thanks in advance! :D

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Search on the forum give you many answers

Here is one of them:


Very cool. Needs a couple of minor edits to work (the api for GuiStatusBar.au3 changed)

Change:                              To:
_GuiCtrlStatusBarGetRect --> _GUICtrlStatusBar_GetRect
_GuiCtrlStatusBarCreate  --> _GUICtrlStatusBar_Create
_GuiCtrlStatusBarResize   --> _GuiCtrlStatusBar_Resize

Edit: missed 'Resize'. There may be others, the changes are documented in the GuiStatusBar.au3 file in your include directory.

Edited by aGorilla

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