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How to automate rightclick and select menu item on one of the list view item?

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I want to automate right click operation on one of the items of listview control and select a menu item.

In particular, I have opened printer & faxes and I want to right click on one printer driver and select properties of that printer driver.

Does any one know how to do last part? ie selecting a menu item?

Thanks in advance


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There's a few ways to do it. You can emulate mouse clicks/keystrokes, or you can script it using a shell object.

$shell = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
$folder = $shell.NameSpace(4)

For $objItem in $folder.Items
    For $verb in $objItem.verbs
        If $verb.Name = "P&roperties" Then
            $ans = msgbox(4,"Configure Printer" ,"Open Properties for " & @CRLF & $objItem.Name)
            If $ans = 6 Then 
                While WinExists($objItem.name)

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