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Reset Router with POST

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I have a very cheap Access Point/Router (Trendnet - TEW-432BRP). The wireless gateway stops working after some time, reseting it works. I have a wireless link between this and my Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT. Using this script I reset my Trendnet router when the wireless link fails.

;Load http.au3
#include "HTTP.au3"

;Set Parameters
$RemoteIP = ""
$LocalIP = ""
$TelnetPort = 23
$SleepTime = 15 * 60 * 1000 ;15 minutes
$ResetTime = 5 ;reset router at 5am
$ResetBool = False
Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)
Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1) 

;Run Loop
While 1
    ;Reset Router at the time set no matter what
    If @HOUR == $ResetTime And $ResetBool == False Then
        $ResetBool = True
        $ResetBool = False
    Sleep(60 * 1000) ; wait one minute
    ;Check Wireless Connection
    $RemoteConnectionOK = CheckRemoteRouter($RemoteIP, $TelnetPort)
    If Not $RemoteConnectionOK Then
    ;Put Program To Sleep

Func ResetRouter($IP)
    $host = "http://" & $IP & "/"
    $page = "/restart.cgi"
    $data = "restart=Restart"
    $socket = _HTTPConnect($IP)
    _HTTPPost($host, $page, $socket, $data, "admin", "admin")
EndFunc   ;==>ResetRouter

Func CheckRemoteRouter($IP, $Port)
    $socket = TCPConnect($IP, $Port)
    If $socket = -1 Then
        Return False ;connection bad
        Return True ;connection good
EndFunc   ;==>CheckRemoteRouter

Get #include "HTTP.au3" from here, with my mod at the last post.



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Pretty cool there mate. I like. Ever hear of or use Tomato, another alternate firmware for router devices? It's very nice.

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nice, I'll add it to my Reconnection utility.... :mellow:

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