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Battery Checker

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Project closed.

If you have a laptop with Windows XP and you do not like the standard battery icon in the tray, then try my utility - Battery Checker. This utility replaces the standard icons on the icon of Windows Vista, and also has many useful options (see "Properties" menu). I tested Battery Checker for more than one laptop and the program always worked fine.

The following script is shown for illustrative purposes only, for normal functioning of the program download the executable file on the link below. If possible, please write your feedback.

BatChecker_scr1_small.jpg BatChecker_scr2_small.jpg

Files to download


Redirection to BatChecker_bin.zip, 414 KB



Redirection to BatChecker_source.zip, 89 KB


Edited by Yashied

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Nice work Yashied. There must be very few laptop users for you to have had no replies to this until now!

It works well as you know :)

It seems pretty complete. If you are still interested in ideas then I would like 2 levels of warning; so if the first warning occurs at say 30% then I could say "ok, but I'll be finshed before I need to worry" or "I'd better make sure I've got my charger with me" and then the second warning when there isn't much time left and I really should be charging or I will soon be shut down.

I'm glad you have the option to choose a sound to play, I can use my wife's "It's time to stop work Martin" message.

I think a better translation would be "below critical" instead of "less critical".

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This tool is gr8 thanks, Im using it on windows 7 and works fine except the battery icon but im not fussed about that. I have an idea but i dont know how to do it myself. Would you possibly be able to add a balloon tip, or msgbox when the battery reaches 100% because i like to take care of my battery by not over charging it and i sometimes forget 2 unplug it. I made a msgbox popup every 30 mins to try and remind me, but it does get a bit annoying and doesnt seem ideal.

again, thanks for the gr8 tool

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Hi, when I try to download I get the following error:

Site not found

We're sorry, we were unable to locate the site "/yashied/Files/BatChecker_source.zip".

I would be grateful if you could supply a new download link.

br /michael

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I will probably get my laptop back from repair monday.

I will try it out then :huh2:

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