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find what applications are open?

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Heyo all!

I'm trying to work on a context sensitive virtual toolbar of hotkeys for many different apps.

I have little snippets and tests here and there but a few things have been confusing me early on

one is how I can find what applications are open at the moment, or what windows belong to what applications even :P

any help is greatly appreciated! :unsure:

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Haven't tried, but looked promising... You might have to read to the end?



Yes i rush things! (I sorta do small bursts inbetween doing nothing.) Things I have rushed and reRushed:* ProDLLer - Process manager - Unload viri modules (dll) and moore...* _WinAPI_ProcessListOWNER_WTS() - Get Processes owner list...* _WinAPI_GetCommandLineFromPID() - Get commandline of target process...* _WinAPI_ThreadsnProcesses() Much info if expanded - optional Indented "Parent/Child"-style Processlist. Moore to come... eventually...

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Try this........... I didn't make it, I got it off the forum somewhere and tweaked. You have window name and class of each window. Combine the two and you can associate the window a specific program.

#include <Array.au3>

#include <Winapi.au3>

Global $aWinList, $aRetWinList

$sExclude_List = "Start[CL:102939]|Start|Desktop|Start Menu[CL:102938]|desktop[CL:102937]|Program Manager"

$aWinList = _WinListEx(Default, Default, $sExclude_List)


Func _WinListEx($sTitle="", $sText="", $sExclude_List="")

$sExclude_List = "|" & $sExclude_List & "|"

If $sTitle = -1 Or (IsKeyword($sTitle) And $sTitle = Default) Then

$aWinList = WinList()


$aWinList = WinList($sTitle, $sText)


Dim $aRetWinList[$aWinList[0][0]][6]

For $i = 1 To $aWinList[0][0]

;Only display visible windows that have a title

If $aWinList[$i][0] = "" Or Not BitAND(WinGetState($aWinList[$i][1]), 2) Then ContinueLoop

;Add to array all win titles that is not in the exclude list

If Not StringInStr($sExclude_List, "|" & $aWinList[$i][0] & "|") Then

$aRetWinList[0][1] += 1

$aRetWinList[$aRetWinList[0][1]][0] = $aWinList[$i][0]

$aRetWinList[$aRetWinList[0][1]][1] = $aWinList[$i][1]

$classed = _WinAPI_GetClassName($aWinList[$i][1])

$aRetWinList[$aRetWinList[0][1]][2] = "[CLASS:"&$classed&"]"



ReDim $aRetWinList[$i][6]

Return $aRetWinList


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Awesome, thank you both a ton :P

after looking into this, I'm not sure I can get the information I need out of the Class of the window.

If I can bother you with more questions, is there any way to find the executable associated with a window or even to list what .exe's are running?

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WinGetProcess(). For a list of exe's running, PRocessList(). It's all there in the Help file

*sorry, should have noted - you can combine both to find the exe *name* (first gets the PID, 2nd gets a list of names with PIDs)

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