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CUI password chars

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is there any way to mask characters when reading from the cmd input?(fileopen("con" ,4))

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the only EASY way I can think of is via HotKeys...

Or maybe some WinApi command... but I'm not sure ;)

(actually just setting the test the same color as the background will work fine ^_^... but yet, I don't know how to do it XD)

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All the inet searches I came across all referred to hooking of some sort. I made a crude example using code from the _WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx() example in the help file and tailored it to run as a CUI. Works ok, but not the best and is incomplete.

I'm happy to PM it to you if you're interested in looking.


I was waiting to post the code as it could be altered for bad intent, but since zorphnog already did....here ya go. Must be compiled.


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Here's an example I made from modifying the _WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx example using notepad as the input. Of course you would need to make some changes for interacting with the console input, but it shows the basic idea of what you have to do. If you post your code, we can try to tailor it for your needs.

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6

#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <StructureConstants.au3>

Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)

Global $hHook, $hStub_KeyProc, $buffer = ""


Func _Main()
    Local $hmod

    $hStub_KeyProc = DllCallbackRegister("_KeyProc", "long", "int;wparam;lparam")
    $hmod = _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle("user32.dll")
    $hHook = _WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx($WH_KEYBOARD_LL, DllCallbackGetPtr($hStub_KeyProc), $hmod)

    WinWait("Untitled -")
    WinActivate("Untitled -")

    While 1
        If ControlGetText("Untitled -", "", "Edit1") <> "" Then ControlSetText("Untitled -", "", "Edit1", "")
EndFunc   ;==>_Main

Func EvaluateKey($keycode)
    If ($keycode = 27) Then
        ConsoleWrite($buffer & @LF)
    $buffer &= Chr($keycode)
EndFunc   ;==>EvaluateKey

; callback function
Func _KeyProc($nCode, $wParam, $lParam)
    Local $tKEYHOOKS
    $tKEYHOOKS = DllStructCreate($tagKBDLLHOOKSTRUCT, $lParam)
    If $nCode < 0 Then
        Return _WinAPI_CallNextHookEx($hHook, $nCode, $wParam, $lParam)
    If $wParam = $WM_KEYDOWN Then
        EvaluateKey(DllStructGetData($tKEYHOOKS, "vkCode"))
    Return _WinAPI_CallNextHookEx($hHook, $nCode, $wParam, $lParam)
EndFunc   ;==>_KeyProc

Func OnAutoItExit()
EndFunc   ;==>OnAutoItExit

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