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Weather Monitor on your Tray

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This is a Weather Monitor running on the system tray. OK, there were already quite some examples on the forum but this one is working worldwide as far as I know.

It's a pretty old script that I wrote last winter and it's running on my test server since almost 7 months without any interruption, and is still doing fine. As it never crashed, it's obviously stable.

So, it could be the right time to publish the code now...

What does it do:

Displays the weather from right to left in the currently active Windows Title bar:

Actual weather Brussels: Mostly Cloudy 16°C - Relative Humidity: 57% - Visibility: 9.99 km - Wind: WNW 6 kph - Pressure: 1023 mb, steady...

Afterwards, it restores the original Windows Title

Or if there is no Actve Window open, it displays a TrayTip containing slightly more information:

Actual weather for Brussels, BE:

Conditions as of 8:00 pm CEST

Mostly Cloudy 16°C

Relative Humidity: 57%

Visibility: 9.99 km

Wind: WNW 6 kph

Pressure: 1023 mb, steady


Sun, 21 Jun 2009: Low 10°C, High 18°C, AM Light Rain

If HistoryFile=1 in WeatherTray.ini, each time the temperature, cloud cast or humidity changes, it will register the change in a csv file

11/06/2009, 04:31, 12°C, 94%, Fog

11/06/2009, 05:47, 12°C, 94%, Mostly Cloudy

11/06/2009, 06:02, 12°C, 88%, Light Rain

11/06/2009, 06:47, 11°C, 94%, Heavy Rain

11/06/2009, 07:17, 12°C, 88%, Mostly Cloudy

11/06/2009, 07:47, 12°C, 94%, Mostly Cloudy

11/06/2009, 08:03, 12°C, 88%, Light Rain

11/06/2009, 08:48, 12°C, 94%, Cloudy


Tested on Windows XP and Vista

On Vista, the scrolling message doesn't function as there is no identifiable title bar, the traytip always works.

Source of the weather data:

RSS Feed of Yahoo

where BEXX0005 = the code for Brussels, Belgium

More information at

How to find your City:

Example for New-York

- Goto

- Search for New-York

- Select Brooklyn

Resulting url:

USNY0176 is the code for New-York, Brooklyn

The RSS Feed is:

How does it function:

The script has been designed to consume as less memory as possible.

In sleep mode, WeatherTray consupmes about 980K-1.300K

In fetch and display mode, it requires 2.500-4.000K (just take a look at what your MSIE is eating from your resources)

It can thus stay on your tray without effect for your other apps.

Any defined number of minutes, the script will wake up and fetch the latest weather from Yahoo RSS and display it.

With a mouseclick on the icon, you can also force the TrayTip if you like

You can also exit via the icon.

The csv file will always contain the name of the City as shown on Yahoo:

Weather History Brussels.csv (for Brussels)

When you change the City in the ini file, a new csv will be created.

Content of ini file:

There is no editing module of the ini file. So you will have to take notepad and edit it. I have no intention to write

[Yahoo_RSS] ==>this is the Yahoo sections header

url= ==>The url of Yahoo RSS without the city code

Town_code=xxxxxxxx ==>The City Code

Degrees=x ==> C = degrees in Celsius, F = degrees in Farenheit

will also convert respectively km to mi, kph to mph, mb to in

Display_frequency=## ==> Display The Weather every x Minutes

HistoryFile=# ==> 0 = Do not keep, 1 = write history to csv file

If option is set to 1. a csv file will be created in the script directory.

Every change (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Sky) will be saved


Show=Wind,Visibility,Humidity,Pressure ==>Show items in title bar scrolling message (the longer, the slower

Country: display country code

Humidity: display humidity information

Wind: display wind wind information

Visibility: display visibility

Forecast: display forecast next day

Pressure: display Pressure information

This last items is also optional in the tray too because 'sometimes' the result will be 0 if degree Celsius is selected (due to a bug in Yahoo!)










Useful? Probably not :huh:

Funny? Only when it rains ^_^

Should you put it on your desktop? If you can't lift your head and look outside the window, maybe you should... :lol:

Enjoy it


WeatherTray.au3[autoit]#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version:

Author: GreenCan, Nov 2008

Display a the current weather at ... in the active window's title bar

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


This is the content that is analysed:

<yweather:location city="Brussels" region="" country="BE"/>

<yweather:units temperature="C" distance="km" pressure="mb" speed="kph"/>

<yweather:wind chill="-1" direction="290" speed="11.27" />

<yweather:atmosphere humidity="93" visibility="9.99" pressure="0" rising="0" />

<yweather:astronomy sunrise="8:33 am" sunset="4:37 pm"/>


<title>Yahoo! Weather</title>







<title>Conditions for Brussels, BE at 7:20 pm CET</title>




<pubDate>Tue, 09 Dec 2008 7:20 pm CET</pubDate>

<yweather:condition text="Fair" code="33" temp="2" date="Tue, 09 Dec 2008 7:20 pm CET" />


<img src=""/><br />

<b>Current Conditions:</b><br />

Fair, 2 C<BR />

<BR /><b>Forecast:</b><BR />

Tue - Showers. High: 3 Low: 1<br />

Wed - Partly Cloudy. High: 4 Low: 0<br />

<br />

<a href="*">Full Forecast at Yahoo! Weather</a><BR/>

(provided by The Weather Channel)<br/>


<yweather:forecast day="Tue" date="9 Dec 2008" low="1" high="3" text="Showers" code="11" />

<yweather:forecast day="Wed" date="10 Dec 2008" low="0" high="4" text="Partly Cloudy" code="30" />

<guid isPermaLink=



#include <INet.au3>

#include <String.au3>

#include <array.au3>

#include "Misc.au3"

#include <_IniMem_Read.au3>

Opt("TrayMenuMode",1) ; Default tray menu items (Script Paused/Exit) will not be shown.

TraySetIcon(@ScriptDir & "\Weather2.ico")

TraySetToolTip ("Weather Monitor" )

if _Singleton(@ScriptName,1) = 0 Then

Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)

Msgbox(0,"Warning",@ScriptName & " is already running",3)



Global $keep_temp="unk"

; ini file expected in the same directory as the script

$iniFile=@ScriptDir & "\WeatherTray.ini"

; put sections in array

$var = IniReadSectionNames($iniFile)

If @error Then

MsgBox(48, "Error", "Error occurred while trying to open " & $iniFile)



; Open the ini file in memory

$FileHandle = FileOpen($iniFile, 0)

$inifile = FileRead($FileHandle)

$filesys = ObjCreate( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )

$url = _IniMem_Read($inifile, "Yahoo_RSS", "url")

$Town_code = _IniMem_Read($inifile, "Yahoo_RSS", "Town_code")

$Degrees = _IniMem_Read($inifile, "Yahoo_RSS", "Degrees")

$Traytip_Minutes = _IniMem_Read($inifile, "Yahoo_RSS", "Display_frequency")

$HistoryFile = _IniMem_Read($inifile, "Yahoo_RSS", "HistoryFile")

$Show = _IniMem_Read($inifile, "Yahoo_RSS", "Show")

If $HistoryFile = 1 Then

$HistoryFile = True


$HistoryFile = False




$ActualWeatherItem = TrayCreateItem("Actual Weather")


$aboutitem = TrayCreateItem("About")


$exititem = TrayCreateItem("Exit")


; initiate timer

Local $60Count = 1, $begin = TimerInit(), $Minutes = 0.1 ; display first tooltip anyway


While 1

$msg = TrayGetMsg()

If $Minutes>0 Then ; only when $Minutes > 0

$dif = TimerDiff($begin)

$dif2 = StringLeft($dif, StringInStr($dif, ".") -1)

$Count = int($dif/1000)

$60Count = Round($Count / 60,1); Int($Count / 60)

If $Minutes < $60Count Then

$window_title = tipper("WinTitle")

$result = _WinSetTitleScroll($window_title,'',50)

if $result = -1 Then ; no active window so display the TrayTip instead

TrayTip("","Querying server...",0)

$tray_tip = tipper("Tray")

TrayTip("",$tray_tip, 0, 1+16)



$Minutes = $Traytip_Minutes ; Now pick up the timer from the ini file, if 0 the TrayTip will not be displayed anymore

$60Count = 0

$begin = TimerInit()




Case $msg = $ActualWeatherItem

; force show TrayTip and rest timer

TrayTip("","Querying server...",0)

$tray_tip = tipper("Tray")

TrayTip("",$tray_tip, 0, 1+16)


Case $msg = 0


Case $msg = $aboutitem

TrayTip("Weather Monitor","By GreenCan" & @cr & "RSS feedfrom Yahoo!" & @cr &"Dec 2008", 0, 1+16)


Case $msg = $exititem





#FUNCTION# ==============================================================

Func _ReduceMemory()

Local $dll_mem = DllOpen(@SystemDir & "\psapi.dll")

Local $ai_Return = DllCall($dll_mem, 'int', 'EmptyWorkingSet', 'long', -1)

If @error Then Return SetError(@error, @error, 1)

Return $ai_Return[0]

EndFunc ;==>_ReduceMemory

#FUNCTION# ==============================================================

Func tipper($Method)

$Temp = "?"

$Relative_humidity = "?"

$Pressure = "?"

$City = "?"

$File = _INetGetSource($url & $Town_Code & "&u=" & $Degrees)

if @ERROR = 1 then Return ("Internet down or Yahoo RSS feed not available")

; now extract part of interest

$TempArray1 = _StringBetween($File, '<yweather:location ', 'isPermaLink')

; City

$TempArray = _StringBetween($TempArray1[0], 'city="', '" region=')

If $TempArray <> 0 Then

$City = $TempArray[0]


$City = "N/A"


; Country

$TempArray = _StringBetween($TempArray1[0], 'country="', '"/>')

If $TempArray <> 0 Then

$Country = $TempArray[0]


$Country = "N/A"


; units

$TempArray = _StringBetween($TempArray1[0], '<yweather:units ', '<yweather:wind')

; temperature_unit

$TempArray2 = _StringBetween($TempArray[0], 'temperature="', '" distance')

If $TempArray2 <> 0 Then

$temperature_unit = $TempArray2[0]


$temperature_unit = "N/A"


; visibility_unit

$TempArray2 = _StringBetween($TempArray[0], 'distance="', '" pressure=')

If $TempArray2 <> 0 Then

$visibility_unit = $TempArray2[0]


$visibility_unit = "N/A"


; pressure_unit

$TempArray2 = _StringBetween($TempArray[0], 'pressure="', '" speed=')

If $TempArray2 <> 0 Then

$pressure_unit = $TempArray2[0]


$pressure_unit = "N/A"


; windspeed_unit

$TempArray2 = _StringBetween($TempArray[0], 'speed="', '"/>')

If $TempArray2 <> 0 Then

$windspeed_unit = $TempArray2[0]


$windspeed_unit = "N/A"


; Cloud_cast

$TempArray = _StringBetween($TempArray1[0], '<yweather:condition text="', '" code=')

If $TempArray <> 0 Then

$Cloud_cast = $TempArray[0]


$Cloud_cast = "N/A"


; Time

$TempArray = _StringBetween($TempArray1[0], ' at ', '</title>')

If $TempArray <> 0 Then

$Date_time = $TempArray[0]


$Date_time = "N/A"


; Temperature

$TempArray = _StringBetween($TempArray1[0], 'temp="', '" date')

If $TempArray <> 0 Then

$Temp = $TempArray[0] & "

Edited by GreenCan

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I think you forgot to attach the _IniMem_Read.au3 script.

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I think you forgot to attach the _IniMem_Read.au3 script.


Thanks, it's an uf from Alec, although it can be found on this forum, I attached it on my first post


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