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Hi everybody!

Please help me write code to detect "R2" in windows server 2003 R2 enterprise with GetSystemMetrics function.

I have infomations about it here :


GetSystemMetrics(SM_SERVERR2) != 0 ====> Windows Server 2003 R2 (How to get it via autoit?)

Thanks for your help.

Thanks so much.

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Returns "WIN32_NT" for NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and returns "WIN32_WINDOWS" for 95/98/Me


Returns one of the following: "WIN_VISTA", "WIN_2003", "WIN_XP", "WIN_2000", "WIN_NT4", "WIN_ME", "WIN_98", "WIN_95"


Returns the OS build number. For example, Windows 2003 Server returns 3790


Service pack info in the form of "Service Pack 3" or, for Windows 95, it may return "B"

Sorry I missed the whole GetSystemMetrics function. Disregard above!

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