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Convert Int64 into loword and hiword?


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$iValue = 1067353106670363250

$tInt64 = DllStructCreate('int64')
DllStructSetData($tInt64, 1, $iValue)
$tHiLo = DllStructCreate('dword;dword', DllStructGetPtr($tInt64))
ConsoleWrite('Hi DWord = 0x' & Hex(DllStructGetData($tHiLo, 2)) & @CR)
ConsoleWrite('Lo DWord = 0x' & Hex(DllStructGetData($tHiLo, 1)) & @CR)

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Ah so i should create a DLL struct. Thank you so much... : D

*edit: it's really interesting how you used the dll struct pointer to directly pull into the new struct. I guess when doing this it automatically divvies up the different types? ;)

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