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Hi, I've been searching for a function to make a url shortcut but they were SO COMPLICATED! And sometimes they would give an error. So here is what I wrote that will do the same thing and it is VERY SIMPLE!!! Please keep in mind to create the URL, the folder should already exist.

;Creating URLs
_qtUrlCreator(@FavoritesDir&"\Free Online Games.url", "http://arcadengine.com/")
_qtUrlCreator(@FavoritesDir&"\LeoMoon Studios.url", "http://leomoon.com/")
_qtUrlCreator(@FavoritesDir&"\Love is Comix.url", "http://loveiscomix.com/")
;URL Creator Function
Func _qtUrlCreator($urlName, $urlPath)
    Local $iniGenFile
    $iniGenFile = '[{000214A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}]' & @CRLF _
        & 'Prop3=19,2' & @CRLF _
        & '[InternetShortcut]' & @CRLF _
        & 'URL='&$urlPath & @CRLF _
        & 'IDList='
    FileWrite($urlName, $iniGenFile)

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I like one line solutions to this problem :blink:


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