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List function names from DLL file

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Here is my new little function called _DLLGetFunctionNames. It extracts the dll function names from dll files.

It's not perfect, but it works good.

I hope you like it.

Greetings from Austria!

#Include <Array.au3>

$DLLFile = FileOpenDialog("Choose DLL file", @SystemDir, "DLL files (*.dll)", 3)
if @error Then Exit

$aNames = _DLLGetFunctionNames($DLLFile)
If @error Then Exit ConsoleWrite($DLLFile & ": Fault " & @error & @CR)

;~ $sNames = _DLLGetFunctionNames($DLLFile, 1)
;~ ConsoleWrite($sNames & @CRLF)

_ArrayDisplay($aNames, StringTrimLeft($DLLFile, StringInStr($DLLFile, "\", 0, -1)))

Func _DLLGetFunctionNames($sFileName, $ParamResult = 0)
;funkey Aug, 12th, 2010
;$ParamOutput: 0 --> Result is array
;    1 --> Result is string
Local $hFile = FileOpen($sFileName, 0)
If $hFile = -1 Then Return SetError(1) ; file error
Local $sFile = FileRead($hFile)
Local $iStartPos, $iEndPos, $sFunctionNames, $aFunctionNames
Local $DLLName = StringTrimLeft($sFileName, StringInStr($sFileName, "\", 0, -1))
For $i = 1 To 99
  $iStartPos = StringInStr($sFile, $DLLName & Chr(0), 0, -$i)
  If $iStartPos = 0 Then Return SetError(2) ;search error
  $sFunctionNames = StringTrimLeft($sFile, $iStartPos - 2)
  $sFunctionNames = StringTrimLeft($sFunctionNames, StringInStr($sFunctionNames, "dll") + 3)
  $iEndPos = StringInStr($sFunctionNames, Chr(0) & Chr(0))
  $sFunctionNames = StringLeft($sFunctionNames, $iEndPos - 1)
  If StringInStr($sFunctionNames, Chr(0) & Chr(0x90)) Then $sFunctionNames = StringLeft($sFunctionNames, StringInStr($sFunctionNames, Chr(0) & Chr(0x90)) - 1)
  $aFunctionNames = StringSplit($sFunctionNames, Chr(0), 2)
  If UBound($aFunctionNames) > 0 And StringStripWS($aFunctionNames[0], 8) <> "" Then ExitLoop
Switch $ParamResult
  Case 0
   Return $aFunctionNames
  Case 1
   Return StringReplace($sFunctionNames, Chr(0), @CRLF)
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Interesting approach. If you want to get the list the right way though (and with more info), check out my UDF: File + Process Imports/Exports Information

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Wow, great function. Will be useful.

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