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Running an application without specifying its full path

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is there a way to run a third-party Windows application (such as Acrobat Reader, AcroRd32.exe) without specifying its full path?

For instance, I would like to do this:

Run <or any other command>("AcroRd32.exe", "", ...)

instead of

Run("C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe", "", ...).

Like that, I could call any version of Acrobat Reader (7, 8, or 9) on any machine, without knowing its full path.

Many thanks.


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I just did it with Firefox and it worked fine. Run("Firefox.exe"). I don't have Acrobat Reader or I'd test that for you.

Edit: It fails for Foxit Reader.

Ok well, I'm done, sorry.

*facePALM* Maybe it worked for Firefox becuase I already had it open?

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pr1, Unless its added to the initial 'Path' environment string, you'll need to put the full path in. If you want it to be able to be run on other configurations though (where it could be installed to a different folder), you might want to search the registry for any keys that point to the folder and/or executable, and use the path found there.

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just verify if the application exists then execute it


for $i= 7 to 9
if FileExists("link to app...number of version store in variable $i") then
    Run("C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader " & $i & ".0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe", "", ...).
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