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problem with progressbar

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Hi everyone :),

I tried to create a progress bar on win xp with win 7 interface and I did with

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#include "GDIpProgress.au3"
$Gui = GUICreate("Gradient ProgressBar", 400, 350)
$sID = _ProgressCreate(10, 60, 300, 20)  ;BitOR($PBS_SMOOTH, $PBS_VERTICAL) here ??
_ProgressSetImages($sID, @ScriptDir & "prgimgsgreen.jpg", @ScriptDir & "prgimgsbg.jpg")
_ProgressSetFont($sID, "", -1, -1, 0x0000FF,0)
Global $i
While 1
     $i = $i + 1
     $Msg = GUIGetMsg()
          Switch $Msg
              Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
If $i < 101 then
     _ProgressSet($sID, $i)
     _ProgressSetText($sID ,"")

And here is my problem: I would like to create a vertical progress bar (with win 7 interface) on xp but that UDF limit this, it only allows me to create a horizontal progress bar. Please tell me how to do this !

All answers are welcome




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