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How to get small color dialog


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When using the _ChooseColor function in Misc.au3, the dialog opens with the Define Custom Color already activated. I would like only the minimum dialog, since I rarely change the standard selections. Can someone point out a way to get the abbreviated dialog?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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In the _ChooseColor() function within the Misc.au3 file in the AutoIt include directory, change




This just removes the $__MISCCONSTANT_CC_FULLOPEN constant.

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Those are three excellent solutions. It's sure nice to be able to tailor the color selection dialog to exactly match the application purpose.

Thanks to you both!

Now if the color dialogs could only be zoomed to be 4x the size, they would be perfect. Remember the old days of 640x480 ... when the color boxes were "big" and easy to see and compare? But I guess that's beyond our control. True?

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