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tcp ip over internet

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The client server model using tcp ip is working fine in local network. Need help to transfer data over internet.


Server address:

    Local $sIPAddress = ""
    Local $iPort = 65432
    Local $m = MyTCP_Server($sIPAddress, $iPort)


Client address:

    Local $sIPAddress = "" ; 
    Local $iPort = 65432 ; 
    MyTCP_Client($sIPAddress, $iPort)


How can I configure ?


Ramesh G

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Agreed, your WAN facing router will need to be configured to do port forwarding. That will allow an external address/port to properly connect to the NAT'd device on your internal network.  You can even declare that particular ports forward to alternative ports on the internal LAN.  For example, a port forward can be setup to allow an incoming connection on external_ip:2424 to redirect to internal_ip:65432

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