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A rather amazing font for use with SciTE

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Since the recent SciTE update, I’ve been on a quest to upgrade the appearance (fonts and colors) of my SciTE installation.

After viewing several “Best Programming Fonts” articles—and after trying a dozen new fonts—I happened upon something rather amazing:

Input, a “free for personal use” font that lets you build your own “family”.

With respect to SciTE use, you get to specify exactly which style/weight is deemed as Regular and which is Bold. SciTE is then happy with whatever two choices you make.*

For me, it solves the three biggest font problems I’ve had:

1) I like a font that’s slightly heavier, so that it conveys colors well.
2) I’m really particular about the vertical line spacing. “Too sparse” ruins the look, no matter how well-formed the letters are.
3) I’ve never liked squiggly g descenders, which rules out a lot of fonts.

I found my perfect solution in a custom 4-style family (see attachment).

You can learn all about the font family here: http://input.fontbureau.com/info/
and can test your own preferences here: http://input.fontbureau.com/preview/

Here’s a good review: http://typographica.org/typeface-reviews/input/
... that includes this: “When it comes to writing and reading code, the user’s preference is paramount and Input offers plenty of ways to hit their sweet spot.”


*One minor flaw: the tops of 14-pt 0’s were malformed slightly in SciTE ... but are OK at 13-pt and 15-pt. Likely, it’s something in the way SciTE makes its font calls. 14-pt seems to work OK in a full word processor program.



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It's indeed nice but I personally stick to DejaVu sans mono which covers a much much wider range of Unicode.

This wonderful site allows debugging and testing regular expressions (many flavors available). An absolute must have in your bookmarks.
Another excellent RegExp tutorial. Don't forget downloading your copy of up-to-date pcretest.exe and pcregrep.exe here
RegExp tutorial: enough to get started
PCRE v8.33 regexp documentation latest available release and currently implemented in AutoIt beta.

SQLitespeed is another feature-rich premier SQLite manager (includes import/export). Well worth a try.
SQLite Expert (freeware Personal Edition or payware Pro version) is a very useful SQLite database manager.
An excellent eBook covering almost every aspect of SQLite3: a must-read for anyone doing serious work.
SQL tutorial (covers "generic" SQL, but most of it applies to SQLite as well)
A work-in-progress SQLite3 tutorial. Don't miss other LxyzTHW pages!
SQLite official website with full documentation (may be newer than the SQLite library that comes standard with AutoIt)

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I use Office Code Pro these days.

​Downloading now

Edit: It's clear, but SCP just feels right to my poor eyes.

Edited by guinness

UDF List:

_AdapterConnections()_AlwaysRun()_AppMon()_AppMonEx()_ArrayFilter/_ArrayReduce_BinaryBin()_CheckMsgBox()_CmdLineRaw()_ContextMenu()_ConvertLHWebColor()/_ConvertSHWebColor()_DesktopDimensions()_DisplayPassword()_DotNet_Load()/_DotNet_Unload()_Fibonacci()_FileCompare()_FileCompareContents()_FileNameByHandle()_FilePrefix/SRE()_FindInFile()_GetBackgroundColor()/_SetBackgroundColor()_GetConrolID()_GetCtrlClass()_GetDirectoryFormat()_GetDriveMediaType()_GetFilename()/_GetFilenameExt()_GetHardwareID()_GetIP()_GetIP_Country()_GetOSLanguage()_GetSavedSource()_GetStringSize()_GetSystemPaths()_GetURLImage()_GIFImage()_GoogleWeather()_GUICtrlCreateGroup()_GUICtrlListBox_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_SaveCSV()_GUICtrlListView_SaveHTML()_GUICtrlListView_SaveTxt()_GUICtrlListView_SaveXML()_GUICtrlMenu_Recent()_GUICtrlMenu_SetItemImage()_GUICtrlTreeView_CreateArray()_GUIDisable()_GUIImageList_SetIconFromHandle()_GUIRegisterMsg()_GUISetIcon()_Icon_Clear()/_Icon_Set()_IdleTime()_InetGet()_InetGetGUI()_InetGetProgress()_IPDetails()_IsFileOlder()_IsGUID()_IsHex()_IsPalindrome()_IsRegKey()_IsStringRegExp()_IsSystemDrive()_IsUPX()_IsValidType()_IsWebColor()_Language()_Log()_MicrosoftInternetConnectivity()_MSDNDataType()_PathFull/GetRelative/Split()_PathSplitEx()_PrintFromArray()_ProgressSetMarquee()_ReDim()_RockPaperScissors()/_RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock()_ScrollingCredits_SelfDelete()_SelfRename()_SelfUpdate()_SendTo()_ShellAll()_ShellFile()_ShellFolder()_SingletonHWID()_SingletonPID()_Startup()_StringCompact()_StringIsValid()_StringRegExpMetaCharacters()_StringReplaceWholeWord()_StringStripChars()_Temperature()_TrialPeriod()_UKToUSDate()/_USToUKDate()_WinAPI_Create_CTL_CODE()_WinAPI_CreateGUID()_WMIDateStringToDate()/_DateToWMIDateString()Au3 script parsingAutoIt SearchAutoIt3 PortableAutoIt3WrapperToPragmaAutoItWinGetTitle()/AutoItWinSetTitle()CodingDirToHTML5FileInstallrFileReadLastChars()GeoIP databaseGUI - Only Close ButtonGUI ExamplesGUICtrlDeleteImage()GUICtrlGetBkColor()GUICtrlGetStyle()GUIEventsGUIGetBkColor()Int_Parse() & Int_TryParse()IsISBN()LockFile()Mapping CtrlIDsOOP in AutoItParseHeadersToSciTE()PasswordValidPasteBinPosts Per DayPreExpandProtect GlobalsQueue()Resource UpdateResourcesExSciTE JumpSettings INISHELLHOOKShunting-YardSignature CreatorStack()Stopwatch()StringAddLF()/StringStripLF()StringEOLToCRLF()VSCROLLWM_COPYDATAMore Examples...

Updated: 22/04/2018

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Interesting font. Just installed it. Love the preview/customization page!

I hope you mean Input ... which would get this thread back on topic.  Everyone else wanted to make it about "my favorite font is ...", which should have been another post, entirely.

Regarding Input, I continue to be impressed.  As I mentioned in my original post, you can achieve things with the font that no other font can support.  I hope it's a forerunner to others.  We've waited a long time for the kind of flexibility it provides.

Thanks for commenting.





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I hope you mean Input

Yes, I meant Input, and was referring to the preview function you link to in your OP.

I have Input installed as the default font in Scite and in my text editor (EditPad Pro). The monospaced style is a nice clear font for programming, I find. Thanks for posting about it.

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