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Brand new user, trying to figure out the very basics, looking for answers to basic questions like:

"I want to automate clicking a link/button/picture on IE, how do I do that?"  Specifically, I'm struggling to understand how I can "get" the "name" (oObject?) of the link or button in question in order to automate it the process.

Rather than plague you all with myriad newbie questions, is there a good reference database for basic internet functions and utility, including examples, from which I can get started?  I'm a moderately competent programmer, but the documentation seems to take for granted a level of basic internet knowledge that I don't possess (I don't know what "object" or "frame" really means in this context, etc.


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As I understand it, an object is anything in a web page, such as a link, a text, an image, video etc....

A frame is a complete different full document embedded in a page, which could come from a completely different domain.

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