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As the title states, is there a way to detect which inputbox is "selected"


if IsSelectedForWritingEtc($MyInputBox) then xxxx

i was searching some without success, all my results were like how to read or and write to a inputbox. 




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 I use _WinAPI_GetFocus to do this.


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Any of my own code posted anywhere on the forum is available for use by others without any restriction of any kind._______My UDFs:


ArrayMultiColSort ---- Sort arrays on multiple columns
ChooseFileFolder ---- Single and multiple selections from specified path treeview listing
Date_Time_Convert -- Easily convert date/time formats, including the language used
ExtMsgBox --------- A highly customisable replacement for MsgBox
GUIExtender -------- Extend and retract multiple sections within a GUI
GUIFrame ---------- Subdivide GUIs into many adjustable frames
GUIListViewEx ------- Insert, delete, move, drag, sort, edit and colour ListView items
GUITreeViewEx ------ Check/clear parent and child checkboxes in a TreeView
Marquee ----------- Scrolling tickertape GUIs
NoFocusLines ------- Remove the dotted focus lines from buttons, sliders, radios and checkboxes
Notify ------------- Small notifications on the edge of the display
Scrollbars ----------Automatically sized scrollbars with a single command
StringSize ---------- Automatically size controls to fit text
Toast -------------- Small GUIs which pop out of the notification area


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    • Daka
      By Daka
      Global $l = GUICtrlCreateInput("3", 16, 48, 25, 22, $ES_NUMBER) Global $p = GUICtrlCreateInput("3", 56, 48, 25, 22, $ES_NUMBER) $go = GUICtrlCreateButton("Start", 136, 48, 83, 25) Global $m = GUICtrlCreateInput("1", 96, 48, 25, 22, $ES_NUMBER) Case $go $l = Number(GUICtrlRead($l)) $p = Number(GUICtrlRead($p)) $m = Number(GUICtrlRead($m)) Then I say consolewrite:
      ConsoleWrite(" l: " & $l & " p: " & $p & " m: " & $m & @LF); And first time when I hit Start ($go) button it gives me default numbers and works fine
      l: 3 p: 3 m: 1 But then I hit Start again and no need to change the numbers in input it gives me:
      l: 68 p: 68 m: 0 Then I hit again Start and this is result:
      l: 0 p: 0 m: 0 from this moment it is all the time 0 (zero) so what could be this?
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      #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include "GUIExtender.au3" $hGUI = GUICreate("Move Example", 250, 230) GUICtrlCreateGroup(" Choose Orientation ", 10, 10, 230, 80) $cRadio_Horz = GUICtrlCreateRadio(" Horizontal ", 20, 30, 100, 20) GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_CHECKED) $cRadio_Vert = GUICtrlCreateRadio(" Vertical ", 20, 60, 100, 20) GUICtrlCreateGroup(" Choose Move Style ", 10, 100, 230, 110) $cRadio_0 = GUICtrlCreateRadio(" Fix Left ", 20, 120, 100, 20) $cRadio_1 = GUICtrlCreateRadio(" Fix Centre ", 20, 150, 100, 20) $cRadio_2 = GUICtrlCreateRadio(" Fix Right ", 20, 180, 100, 20) GUICtrlCreateGroup("", -99, -99, 1, 1) GUISetState() While 1 Switch GUIGetMsg() Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Exit Case $cRadio_Horz GUICtrlSetData($cRadio_0, " Fix Left ") GUICtrlSetState($cRadio_0, $GUI_UNCHECKED) GUICtrlSetState($cRadio_1, $GUI_UNCHECKED) GUICtrlSetData($cRadio_2, " Fix Right ") GUICtrlSetState($cRadio_2, $GUI_UNCHECKED) Case $cRadio_Vert GUICtrlSetData($cRadio_0, " Fix Top ") GUICtrlSetState($cRadio_0, $GUI_UNCHECKED) GUICtrlSetState($cRadio_1, $GUI_UNCHECKED) GUICtrlSetData($cRadio_2, " Fix Bottom ") GUICtrlSetState($cRadio_2, $GUI_UNCHECKED) Case $cRadio_0 _Create_GUI(0) Case $cRadio_1 _Create_GUI(1) Case $cRadio_2 _Create_GUI(2) EndSwitch WEnd Func _Create_GUI($iMove) Local $sTitle Switch $iMove Case 0 If GUICtrlRead($cRadio_Horz) = 1 Then $sTitle = "Fixed Left" Else $sTitle = "Fixed Top" EndIf Case 1 $sTitle = "Fixed Centre" Case 2 If GUICtrlRead($cRadio_Horz) = 1 Then $sTitle = "Fixed Right" Else $sTitle = "Fixed Bottom" EndIf EndSwitch GUISetState(@SW_HIDE, $hGUI) $hGUI_Ex = GUICreate($sTitle, 500, 500) If GUICtrlRead($cRadio_Horz) = 1 Then _GUIExtender_Init($hGUI_Ex, 1, $iMove) _GUIExtender_Section_Create($hGUI_Ex, 0, 250) _GUIExtender_Section_Activate($hGUI_Ex, 2, "", "", 220, 10, 20, 20) _GUIExtender_Section_Create($hGUI_Ex, 250, 250) GUICtrlCreateLabel("", 250, 0, 250, 500) GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0xFFCCCC) _GUIExtender_Section_Create($hGUI_Ex, -99) Else _GUIExtender_Init($hGUI_Ex, 0, $iMove) _GUIExtender_Section_Create($hGUI_Ex, 250, 0) _GUIExtender_Section_Activate($hGUI_Ex, 2, "", "", 470, 220, 20, 20) _GUIExtender_Section_Create($hGUI_Ex, 250, 250) GUICtrlCreateLabel("", 0, 250, 500, 250) GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0xFFCCCC) _GUIExtender_Section_Create($hGUI_Ex, -99) EndIf _GUIExtender_Section_Action($hGUI_Ex, 2, False) GUISetState() While 1 $aMsg = GUIGetMsg(1) Switch $aMsg[0] Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hGUI) GUIDelete($hGUI_Ex) _GUIExtender_Clear($hGUI_Ex) ExitLoop EndSwitch _GUIExtender_EventMonitor($aMsg[1], $aMsg[0]) ; Check for click on Action control WEnd EndFunc I am trying to implement 2 side window toggle hide and show with 2 different menu.  can someone give me some direction  thanks

    • Tarakesh
      By Tarakesh
      First of all I would like say infinite thanks to the team involved in designing this great tool.
      Here is my problem
      1. Press windows button
      2. ESC
      3. TAB
      4. It will take me to the first pinned icon in the taskbar
      5. If I I do SHIFT F10 which usually opens context menu like  right click of the mouse.
      6. For one of the application I am using it does not support  Shift + F10 context menu rather it listens to only mouse right click event.
      7. I do a search in a tree view of my application and the search item is selected or focused
      8. For eg


      Now if I search for User1 the tab or focus move to User 1 (Red)

      If I search for User3 the tab or focus moves to User 3
      Now my question is how can I move the mouse automatically go to the focused item on the window. Such that during automation I can issue MoveClick("{RIGHT}") as {SHIFT F10} is not working from the keyboard. It is a java app, unfortunately it is not honoring the right click events from keyboard to open the context


      the above scripts take the tab to the first pinned icon in the taskbar. Now i want
      MouseMove( "move to tab" selection")

    • Comboku
      By Comboku
      Hi Guys,
      i am working on a translation app. There are a couple of regular input fields with text that the user is supposed to change to a new language. 
      I want to change the color of the input field  as soon as the user leaves the input field. Is there a way to do that? 
      I know how to do this with a button, but i don't know how i can work with focus. Has any of you done something like this before?
    • Trolleule
      By Trolleule
      i did some researchs how to set the font and the only way is to overwrite the subclass with WM_DRAWITEM. With WM_SETFONT i can only change the font for all tab pages, but i want to change the font for a specific page.
      So i have to set the $TCS_OWNERDRAWFIXED style to the tab control to send the WM_DRAWITEM message to the parent window. When i set this style, i can change the fonts, but sadly the tab looses the nice and simple "AutoIt style". I created two child guis, the first is the owner draw tab and the second the "Normal" tab.
      My questions is, how to create this special "AutoIt style"???
      #include <GuiConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <GuiTab.au3> #include <ColorConstants.au3> Global Const $ODT_TAB = 101 Global Const $ODS_SELECTED = 0x0001 Global Const $ODA_DRAWENTIRE = 0x1 Global Const $ODS_FOCUS = 0x0010 $hStrikeOutDefaultFont = _WinAPI_CreateFont(14, 0, 0, 0, 400, False, False, True) ; see system apps module $hGUI = GUICreate("Draw Tab", 500, 600) ; Create child GUIs to hold tabs $hTab_Win0 = GUICreate("", 400, 200, 50, 20, $WS_POPUP, $WS_EX_MDICHILD, $hGUI) $hTab_0 = GUICtrlCreateTab(10, 10, 380, 180, $TCS_OWNERDRAWFIXED);BitOR($TCS_OWNERDRAWFIXED, $TCS_TOOLTIPS, $WS_TABSTOP, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS)) $hTab_00 = GUICtrlCreateTabitem("00") GUICtrlCreateButton("00", 160, 90, 80, 30) $hTab_01 = GUICtrlCreateTabitem("01") GUICtrlCreateButton("01", 160, 90, 80, 30) GUICtrlCreateTabitem ("") GUISetState() $hTab_Win1 = GUICreate("", 400, 200, 50, 250, $WS_POPUP, $WS_EX_MDICHILD, $hGUI) $hTab_1 = GUICtrlCreateTab(10, 10, 380, 180) $hTab_10 = GUICtrlCreateTabitem("10") GUICtrlCreateButton("10", 160, 90, 80, 30) $hTab_11 = GUICtrlCreateTabitem("11") GUICtrlCreateButton("11", 160, 90, 80, 30) GUICtrlCreateTabitem ("") GUISetState() GUIRegisterMsg($WM_DRAWITEM, "WM_DRAWITEM") ;~ GUIRegisterMsg($WM_SETFONT, "WM_SETFONT") ;~ GUICtrlSendMsg ( $hTab_1, $WM_SETFONT , $hStrikeOutDefaultFont, 1 ) While 1 Switch GUIGetMsg() Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Exit EndSwitch WEnd Func WM_SETFONT($hWnd, $Msg, $wParam, $lParam) ConsoleWrite("$hWnd: " & $hWnd & " $Msg: " & $Msg & " $wParam: " & $wParam & " $lParam: " & $lParam & @CRLF) EndFunc Func WM_DRAWITEM($hWnd, $Msg, $wParam, $lParam) Local $DRAWITEMSTRUCT $DRAWITEMSTRUCT = DllStructCreate("uint cType;uint cID;uint itmID;uint itmAction;uint itmState;" & _ "hwnd hItm;hwnd hDC;dword itmRect[4];dword itmData", $lParam) If DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "cType") <> $ODT_TAB Then Return $GUI_RUNDEFMSG Local $cID = DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "cID") Local $itmID = DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "itmID") Local $itmAction = DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "itmAction") Local $itmState = DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "itmState") Local $hItm = DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "hItm") Local $hDC = DllStructGetData($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "hDC") If $itmAction <> $ODA_DRAWENTIRE Then Return $GUI_RUNDEFMSG Local $iTextColor, $itmText $iTextColor = 0xFFFFFF Switch $itmID Case 0 $iBrushColor = 0x11AADD Case 1 $iBrushColor = 0xEEBB99 EndSwitch _WinAPI_SetBkMode($hDC, $TRANSPARENT) Local $iBrush = _WinAPI_CreateSolidBrush($iBrushColor) Local $iBrushOld = _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $iBrush) $g_tRECT = DllStructCreate($tagRect, DllStructGetPtr($DRAWITEMSTRUCT, "itmRect")) DllStructSetData($g_tRECT, "Left", DllStructGetData($g_tRECT, "Left")) DllStructSetData($g_tRECT, "Top", DllStructGetData($g_tRECT, "Top")) DllStructSetData($g_tRECT, "Right", DllStructGetData($g_tRECT, "Right")) DllStructSetData($g_tRECT, "Bottom", DllStructGetData($g_tRECT, "Bottom")+10) _WinAPI_FillRect ( $hDC, $g_tRECT, $iBrush ) _WinAPI_SetTextColor($hDC, $iTextColor) _WinAPI_DrawText($hDC, "Item " & $itmID, $g_tRECT, $DT_LEFT) _WinAPI_SelectObject($hDC, $iBrushOld) _WinAPI_DeleteObject($iBrush) Return $GUI_RUNDEFMSG EndFunc ;==>WM_DRAWITEM Thanks in advance