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Can't seem to login to Active Directory

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When I try _AD_Open() with no parameters I get this error message...

Function _AD_Open encountered a problem.  @error=4, @extended = -2147023541

When I try  _AD_Open($sUserIDParam = "XXXX@XXXX.com", $sPasswordParam = "XXXX", $sAD_DNSDomainParam = "", $sAD_HostServerParam = "", $sAD_ConfigurationParam = "") I get this error message....

Function _AD_Open encountered a problem.  @error=4, @extended = -2147016646

The rest of my code attempts to move a computer from one OU to another.  It errors out telling me that there is no such OU.  My guess is that is because I am not logged in to Active Directory so I have to solve the login issue first before tackling this the move.  The XXXX's above are replaced in my code with a domain admin account that "should" have permissions to do a computer move from one OU to another.

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I guess that you do not run your compiled script from a "secure location" which is set by a group policy.
Move your exe to another directory and try again.

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Active Directory (NEW 2017-04-18 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts - Wiki
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ADO - Wiki


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      I kept having problems with my Active Directory scripts. I finally discovered that they work fine before being compiled but after compiling they fail. I have narrowed it down to simply testing _AD_Open. For instance, any script that includes "$iResult = _AD_Open()" works until I compile the script. The compiled script fails with @Error = 4. Please note that I only log onto the computer with my Domain account. What am I missing here? Also, I do not use SciTE, I use Notepad++ if that matters...
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      Version of AD is in AutoIt (https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/106163-active-directory-udf/).
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