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[Solved] InetRead auto refresh

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Hi guys,

After i use that, all of thing is good and perfect,

Local $dData = InetRead("http://example.com/my.html",1)
$my = BinaryToString(StringReplace($dData, "0A", "0D0A"), 4)

but now how can i reload that after x time ?!

by this ( top script ) , i need to relunch the script to see modified,

now! how can i update data after X time !?

for example : 

in "my.html" we have number "3" , i try to change it to "5", now we need to relunch script to see "3" => "5",

how we can use that without relunch script.

thanks alot and sorry for my bad english & too long question. :sweating:

Edited by zxtnt09
example.html => example.com , Solved

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Global $dOldData = ""
Global $xSeconds = 60

While 3
    Local $dData = InetRead("http://example.com/my.html",1)
    $my = BinaryToString(StringReplace($dData, "0A", "0D0A"), 4)
    If $dOlddata <> $dData Then
        ;do something
        $dOlddata = $dData


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Thanks, but it was make infinity loop !

Can it used without "while" loop ?!

Something like :


Thanks :wub:

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($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu2.5', "ERROR") $Valeur31 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu3.1', "ERROR") $Valeur32 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu3.2', "ERROR") $Valeur33 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu3.3', "ERROR") $Valeur34 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu3.4', "ERROR") $Valeur35 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu3.5', "ERROR") $Valeur41 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu4.1', "ERROR") $Valeur42 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu4.2', "ERROR") $Valeur43 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu4.3', "ERROR") $Valeur44 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu4.4', "ERROR") $Valeur45 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'NomMenu', 'SousMenu4.5', "ERROR") $Message11 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'Messages', 'Message11', "ERROR") $Message12 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'Messages', 'Message11', "ERROR") $Message13 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'Messages', 'Message11', "ERROR") $Message14 = IniRead 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($SettingsFile, 'Messages', 'Message43', "ERROR") $Message44 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'Messages', 'Message44', "ERROR") $Message45 = IniRead ($SettingsFile, 'Messages', 'Message45', "ERROR") BuildHiddenGUI() While 1 Sleep ( 10 ) If _IsPressed("04", $dll) Then CallCustomContextMenu() $msg = GUIGetMsg() Switch $msg ;~ ===================================================== Case $EnvoyerMess1Sub1 ;~ MouseClick("left") Send(""&$Message11) Case $EnvoyerMess2Sub1 Send(""&$Message12) Case $EnvoyerMess3Sub1 Send(""&$Message13) Case $EnvoyerMess4Sub1 Send(""&$Message14) Case $EnvoyerMess5Sub1 Send(""&$Message15) ;~ ====================================================== Case $EnvoyerMess1Sub2 Case $EnvoyerMess2Sub2 Case $EnvoyerMess3Sub2 Case $EnvoyerMess4Sub2 Case $EnvoyerMess5Sub2 ;~ ====================================================== Case $EnvoyerMess1Sub3 Case $EnvoyerMess2Sub3 Case $EnvoyerMess3Sub3 Case $EnvoyerMess4Sub3 Case $EnvoyerMess5Sub3 ;~ ======================================================= Case $EnvoyerMess1Sub4 Case $EnvoyerMess2Sub4 Case $EnvoyerMess3Sub4 Case $EnvoyerMess4Sub4 Case $EnvoyerMess5Sub4 ;~ ====================================================== Case $ConfigITEM EndSwitch WEnd DllClose($dll) Func BuildHiddenGUI() Global $Contextmenu, $msg, $GUI, $aTSR Global $SubMenu1, $folderitem, $programitem, $fileitem, $ConfigITEM, $otheritem Global $folderitem1, $folderitem2, $programitem1, $programitem2 $aTSR = _GetTotalScreenResolution() $GUI = GuiCreate("GUI Context Menu",1,1, $aTSR[0], 1,BitOR($WS_POPUP,$WS_BORDER),BitOr($WS_EX_TOPMOST,$WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW)) WinSetTrans( $GUI, '', 1) GUISetState() $Contextmenu = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu() $SubMenu1 = GUICtrlCreateMenu(""&$Valeur1, $Contextmenu) $EnvoyerMess1Sub1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur11, $SubMenu1) $EnvoyerMess2Sub1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur12, $SubMenu1) $EnvoyerMess3Sub1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur13, $SubMenu1) $EnvoyerMess4Sub1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur14, $SubMenu1) $EnvoyerMess5Sub1 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur15, $SubMenu1) $SubMenu2 = GUICtrlCreateMenu(""&$Valeur2, $Contextmenu) $EnvoyerMess1Sub2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur21, $SubMenu2) $EnvoyerMess2Sub2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur22, $SubMenu2) $EnvoyerMess3Sub2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur23, $SubMenu2) $EnvoyerMess4Sub2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur24, $SubMenu2) $EnvoyerMess5Sub2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur25, $SubMenu2) $SubMenu3 = GUICtrlCreateMenu(""&$Valeur3, $Contextmenu) $EnvoyerMess1Sub3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur31, $SubMenu3) $EnvoyerMess2Sub3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur32, $SubMenu3) $EnvoyerMess3Sub3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur33, $SubMenu3) $EnvoyerMess4Sub3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur34, $SubMenu3) $EnvoyerMess5Sub3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur35, $SubMenu3) $SubMenu4 = GUICtrlCreateMenu(""&$Valeur4, $Contextmenu) $EnvoyerMess1Sub4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur41, $SubMenu4) $EnvoyerMess2Sub4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur42, $SubMenu4) $EnvoyerMess3Sub4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur43, $SubMenu4) $EnvoyerMess4Sub4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur44, $SubMenu4) $EnvoyerMess5Sub4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem(""&$Valeur45, $SubMenu4) GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("", $contextmenu) ; separator $ConfigITEM = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Configuration", $contextmenu) EndFunc Func CallCustomContextMenu() Local $contextmenu, $msg Global $newsubmenu, $folderitem, $programitem, $fileitem, $otheritem Global $folderitem1, $folderitem2, $programitem1, $programitem2 Local $pos Global $GUI, $aTSR WinActivate ($GUI) ControlClick ( $GUI, "", "", "right", 1, $aTSR[0], 1) EndFunc Func _GetTotalScreenResolution() Local $aRet[2], $VirtualDesktopWidth, $VirtualDesktopHeight Global Const $SM_VIRTUALWIDTH = 78 Global Const $SM_VIRTUALHEIGHT = 79 $VirtualDesktopWidth = DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_VIRTUALWIDTH) $aRet[0] = $VirtualDesktopWidth[0] $VirtualDesktopHeight = DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_VIRTUALHEIGHT) $aRet[1] = $VirtualDesktopHeight[0] Return $aRet EndFunc Func WinGroupActive() AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) If WinActive("classname=ExploreWClass") _ Or WinActive("classname=CabinetWClass") _ Or WinActive("classname=#32770") _ Or WinActive("classname=DV2ControlHost") _ Or WinActive("classname=MMCMainFrame") _ Or WinActive("[CLASS:Progman; Title:Program Manager]") Then Return True Else Return False EndIf EndFunc  
      By this way the script is very more clear about the purpose. When i use middle mouse click i got a context menu that apear. Then i can send the preconfigured message in the ini file that will alow me to send particular message without spending much time on it. 
      First question : 
      When i push middle click on a particular windows how to get back focus on it ??
      plz dont make attention on the declared fonction that are unused i am gonna clean that at the end. 
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