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Tree View Node Selection

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I have an application with tree view. Description is following of treeview










so on 


when i click on root the tree expands and shows only chield1, chield2(not showing 3rd level) and when i click on chield1 it shows plus mark(+) before chield1 and also shows  chield1.1, chield1.2.For this i have written following code

$idTreeView = ControlGetHandle("retrival window","","[CLASSNN:WindowsForms10.SysTreeView32.app.0.141b42a_r16_ad11]")

$hItemFound = _GUICtrlTreeView_FindItemEx($idTreeView, "root|chield1")
_GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem($idTreeView, $hItemFound, "left", False)
$hItemm = _GUICtrlTreeView_FindItemEx($idTreeView, "root|chield1|chield1.2")     ; Till here there no problem
_GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem($idTreeView, $hItemm, "left", False,1) 


Now problem is in last line it not selecting the node (chield1.1). It opens enternet explorer i do not know why"?

I have checked ($hItemm) the handle is of right node(root|chield1|chield1.2)


Please help




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There's not a whole lot to go by in your description, so I'm going to make some assumptions.  Does clicking the item manually trigger IE? I see nothing in your post that would indicate any tie in to IE which is why I ask.  

Instead of using the _ClickItem function which triggers a "click" notification/message on the TreeView control, try using _GUICtrlTreeView_SelectItemByIndex() instead.

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