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Find Source of active window

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Which browser are you using?  Here's a primitive/quick example that works on my machine with IE11 (tested with only 1 window open)

#include <Inet.au3>
$sURL = ControlGetText("[CLASS:IEFrame]","","Edit1")
If Not $sURL Then Exit


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I have a freeware written in AutoIt3 designed to make it a bit easier to snap up source code from selected text on a browser page.  I call it SourceSnap


Mainly the idea is to save source to a filename, or for small selections, add the selection to a snp file.  It is very simple.  Just meant to make things a bit easier than free handing it. :)

Like all freeware on my page it is free for you to use at your own risk.  Don't get paranoid if VirusTotal shows a few red flags.  I regularly download everything on my page using DownLoadThemAll and compare the md5 sums with the zip files I have stored locally.

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