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intercept when rename file or folder is possible?

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hi guys  , is possible intercept  action only  when  i try to  rename  a folder or file

i used 

While 1 
Local $hDLL = DllOpen("user32.dll")
    If _IsPressed("02", $hDLL) Then
        MsgBox (0,'164','pressed right mouse')

and work correct but how is possible  understund when i  go over menu  and choice  rename ???

thankz  at all


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Even if you detect the menu and the rename choice, there's still another 2 ways to rename, that i know of, one is having the file highlighted and pressing F2.

The other is left click, 1 time, with some time in between, click again in the text part.

So in order to know for a fact, a folder/file was renamed, maybe get a list and compare against it every X time.

If there's a change, rename back accordingly to the first list.

As for blocking mouse from doing that action, idk.


Renamer - Rename files and folders, remove portions of text from the filename etc.

GPO Tool - Export/Import Group policy settings.

MirrorDir - Synchronize/Backup/Mirror Folders

BeatsPlayer - Music player.

Params Tool - Right click an exe to see it's parameters or execute them.

String Trigger - Triggers pasting text or applications or internet links on specific strings.

Inconspicuous - Hide files in plain sight, not fully encrypted.

Regedit Control - Registry browsing history, quickly jump into any saved key.

Time4Shutdown - Write the time for shutdown in minutes.

Power Profiles Tool - Set a profile as active, delete, duplicate, export and import.

Finished Task Shutdown - Shuts down pc when specified window/Wndl/process closes.

NetworkSpeedShutdown - Shuts down pc if download speed goes under "X" Kb/s.

IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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You could use _WinAPI_FindFirstChangeNotification. See the example to see what i mean (And set third parameter in function to true to effect sub-folers). But with that you won't be able to "intercept".

To intercept, you would need to hook the Windows API i think. Try looking at this

I hope it'll help you somewhat.

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