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See how software controls mouseclicks/keyboard

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Note: I am not discussing a keylogger, and those are actually not hard to make. The problem is this: 

I have an automated piece of software of which I can not see the source code. I want to double-check whether it is behaving as it should. 

It SHOULD double click a certain part of an online form, the input box and then depending on the settings either send backspace/delete or nothing. 

It sometimes does not work. I want to know wheter the form is playing me or the software is. So I was wondering whether AutoIT could help me detecting the intended mouse or keyboard behavior.



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On 2/23/2017 at 4:07 PM, JohnOne said:

Ok, best of luck with your mystery problem.

Sorry, not trying to dodge questions, just trying to live up to the Forum rules.

19 hours ago, spudw2k said:

What kind of functions are you using to automate the online form?  Which browser are you using?

It is not an online form in a browser, it's third party software with an inputbox. And the software to fill this box in is another piece of software.

So there is not AutoIt involved yet. I just want to write a piece of code to check whether the tools are doing what they are supposed to do. Hope that clears it up a bit.

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