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According to the help file, you cannot resize the dimensions of an existing array and retain the data in it.  Per the help file, 


The ReDim keyword is similar to Global/Local, except that ReDim preserves the values in the array instead of removing the values while resizing an array.
The number of dimensions must remain the same, or the old array will be forgotten during the ReDim.
The array will retain the scope (Global or Local) that it had prior to resizing.

So you'll probably have to create a new 3D array and populate as needed, or re-write your script to make the array 3D from the get go.

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4 hours ago, vrsrinivas2000 said:

2) How to change the 2d to 3d array (Already used 2d array in the scrip)

You can do this using _PreDim() without any data loss. The function was designed for this very purpose. See ArrayWorkshop in my signature below.

#include <ArrayWorkshop.au3>

Local $aArrayXD = [[1,2],[3,4]] ; 2D array
_PreDim($aArrayXD, 3) ; becomes a 3D array

After this you can increase the size of the third dimension using (the more standard) ReDim.

Alternatively, you can attach 2D arrays in the 3rd dimension using _ArrayAttach(): think of this as stacking spread sheets in a pile.

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28 minutes ago, czardas said:

Yeah, I wondered about that. It shows how little I use Excel. It should have 3D grids though, and you should be able to zoom into the matrix using the mouse wheel. :D

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