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Allow/Block Programs in Windows Firewall

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Its Possible to allow or block programs for access internet in windows firewall ?
If yes, How it ?

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@Nareshm you have been around long enough to know where to post your questions the Examples forum is not it. Please pay attention in the future.

Did you maybe look at the Wiki, which has a list of libraries for various functions? There is a Firewall UDF out there.


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√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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    • JLogan3o13
      By JLogan3o13
      I dug this UDF out in response to a request in the General Help forum. There is still some tidying to do, but I thought I would post here for anyone that would benefit. All functions have been tested on both XP and Windows 7.
      Updated January 22, 2014:
       Tested on XP, WIN7 and WIN8.1, x86 and x64
      Current version includes:
      Enable or Disable the Windows Firewall Add or Remove Authorized Applications to the Exclusions list Add or Delete Ports from the Exclusions list. Enable or Disable the use of Exceptions Enable or Disable Notifications of blocked applications Enable or Disable Existing Ports List all Applications in the Exclusions List List all Ports in the Exclusions List List Properties of the current Firewall Configuration Restore the Windows Firewall to its default configuration Windows Firewall.au3