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Q about detecting EOF using TCP file send/recv example....

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Snippet from from the helpfile, TCPRecv example 2:


; If the end of the file is reached.

        If BinaryMid($bData, 1 + $iDataLen - $iEOFLen, $iEOFLen) = $bEOF Then
            ; Strip the EOF code from the file data.
            $bData = BinaryMid($bData, 1, $iDataLen - $iEOFLen)
            ; Set the EOFReached to True.
            $fEOFReached = True


It looks like the TCPRecv example (example 2) code is searching for the @CRLF&"{EOF}" data that the TCPSend example (example 2) put at the end of the sent data, and declares that it is the end-of-file if the data pattern is found.


Q - what happens if the @CRLF&"{EOF}" happens to be split up between the last 4096 block, and the second last block?



I assume it would fail end-of-file detection by this method?  If so, how is this sort of issue usually handled?


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I would assume it doesn't matter if it gets split up, because the computer reads it continuously, the same way you can write the beggining of a word in one page, and write the rest in the next, you still know what word it is. No experience with this, just my thinking logic.


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IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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