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zPlayer - My own little audio/video player


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Hi CYCho :)
In page 1 of this thread, Xandy indicated the issue he had while zPlayer is running, because he couldn't use anymore combinations of keys in his own windows (ctrl + right key for example) as they are used by HotKeySet in your script.

I just experienced the same problem and could have written what he said :

On 3/14/2019 at 3:36 AM, Xandy said:

[...] it is eating my CTRL+ARROWS.  I like to use these shortcuts to navigate words in a text. There are several solutions to this problem [...]

In the past, I already experienced 2 working solutions when facing this problem :

1) The use of Accelerator keys (just look at the help file, topic GUISetAccelerators)
I have to paste here the beginning of what is written in the help file, as it's so well explained !

Accelerator keys are similar to HotKeys, but there are 2 important differences:

    - 1. They are only active when the GUI specified in the function is active which means that, unlike HotKeys, Accelerator keys will not interfere with other running applications.
    - 2. ...

But as you got 4 different Gui's (main, playlist, video...) then I'm not really sure it's a solution adapted to your script (though I may be mistaken)

2) The second solution seems simpler. Here is your actual MyNext() function, triggered by ctrl + right arrow

Func MyNext() ; Ctrl+Right Arrow to play the next file
    If $lPaused = True Then
        $lPaused = False
        GUICtrlSetImage($picPause, $picFolder & "Pause.jpg")
    $move = 1
EndFunc     ;==>MyNext

If you change this function to what follows, then the function will still be triggered by ctrl + right arrow when main or playlist are active... but now the user can also use ctrl + right arrow in his own windows (I just checked it again) because the function itself will send the hotkey when zPlayer (main or playlist) hasn't got the focus.

As this solution often ends with bad sticky keys (it just happened to me several times) then _SendEx() instead of Send() solves totally the sticky keys problem. _SendEx() can be found on wiki AutoIt FAQ, but I paste it here too, below your function.

Func MyNext() ; Ctrl+Right Arrow to play the next file
    HotKeySet("^{RIGHT}") ; deactivate the hotkey immediately

    $hWinActive = WinActive("[ACTIVE]")
    If $hWinActive = $winMain Or $hWinActive = $winListView Then
        If $lPaused = True Then
            $lPaused = False
            GUICtrlSetImage($picPause, $picFolder & "Pause.jpg")
        $move = 1
        ; Send("^{RIGHT}") ; will often end with sticky keys

    HotKeySet("^{RIGHT}", "MyNext") ; reactivate the hotkey at the very end of the function
EndFunc     ;==>MyNext

Func _SendEx($ss, $warn = "")
    Local $iT = TimerInit()

    While _IsPressed("10") Or _IsPressed("11") Or _IsPressed("12")
        If $warn <> "" And TimerDiff($iT) > 1000 Then
            MsgBox($MB_TOPMOST, "Warning", $warn)

I guess you'll have to add also the handle of the video window to the If $hWinActive... line (I didn't check on videos, only checked while main or playlist window were active and it worked fine)

If you're ready to try this, I suggest you do it first on 1 function only (ctrl + right key for example) to test it well, then extend it to the 4 functions which use 2 keys only (ctrl + right, ctrl + left, ctrl + up, ctrl + down) . As you got plenty of others ctrl+alt+key (3 keys involved), then maybe it's not useful to include the "3 keys involved functions" in the change and you could let them as they are now.

Hope it helps and good luck :)

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@pixelsearch, Thanks a lot. As I said in my first post, this was conceived to run with hotkeys only, because I didn't like the overwhelming guis offered by existing players. Now it is clad with some guis, but I would like to keep it runnable with with all the windows hidden, except for video window for an obvious reason. I believe persons like Xandy can tweak my code to suit their particular environment. Initially, all my hotkeys, including those combined with arrows, had Ctrl+Alt. But my first Windows 10 used Ctrl+Alt+Arrows to change screen orientation, so I changed them to Ctrl+Arrows. Now that Windows 10 does not seem to use them any more, I can go back to Ctrl+Alt+Arrows.

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On 3/15/2021 at 11:37 PM, CYCho said:

I can go back to Ctrl+Alt+Arrows.

Your solution is great and simpler too, because it will interfere much less with other applications.
If you do that, then you will "free" Ctrl+Arrows for all your users who need Ctrl+Arrows in their other windows apps, while listening to music in zPlayer. Ctrl+Arrows are often required in Apps, much more than Ctrl+Alt+Arrows.

So I think your idea is fine, please revert to the 4 Ctrl+Alt+Arrows instead of Ctrl+Arrows whenever you can, especially your patch will only take a few seconds to be active :

HotKeySet("^!{RIGHT}", "MyNext")      ; play next file
HotKeySet("^!{LEFT}", "MyPrevious")   ; play previous file
HotKeySet("^!{UP}", "VolumeUp")       ; increase system volume level
HotKeySet("^!{DOWN}", "VolumeDown")   ; decrease system volume level

instead of the actual

HotKeySet("^{RIGHT}", "MyNext")       ; play next file
HotKeySet("^{LEFT}", "MyPrevious")    ; play previous file
HotKeySet("^{UP}", "VolumeUp")        ; increase system volume level
HotKeySet("^{DOWN}", "VolumeDown")    ; decrease system volume level

Not forgetting the 4 labels in main menu and elsewhere if required, for example :

Global $label1a = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow", ...
Global $label2a = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow", ...
Global $label3a = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow", ...
Global $label4a = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow", ...
Func MyNext()      ; Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow to play the next file
Func MyPrevious()  ; Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow to play the previous file
Func VolumeUp()    ; Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow
Func VolumeDown()  ; Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow

Also your solution will harmonize your hotkeys, which will all need Ctrl+Alt+key to be triggered. Well done CYCho... I just patched my version of zPlayer :)

Edit: I had to modify one line in the script ( Global $menuWidth = 150 ) because 2 labels were cropped on my computer (probably not same fonts). Modifying it from 150 to 154 solved it (153 wasn't enough) . In case someone else got the same minor issue...

; Global $menuWidth = 150 ; original line
Global $menuWidth = 154   ; 150 to 153 not enough for me (2 labels were cropped)


What I like is that all labels in the pic above are clickable (both columns) : you don't have to remember what combination of keys to type, a click will be enough when main gui is visible

Edited by pixelsearch
shortened pasted code, to keep only the relevant part matching the comment
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  • 1 month later...

Hello CYCho,
Hope you don't mind me asking. Your script, like a few of mine, makes use of embedded ie for the WM Player. Have just been reading that Microsoft plan to drop 
ie from releases of Windows after June 2022. Sorry for being a bit thick, but, what are the alternatives to embedded ie, if any?

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@kalavo, I don't know the extent of IE functions to be dropped from Windows. I hope the ActiveX control of IE will continue to function even after the IE browser is dropped. I would appreciate any input from those who know. Please let me know if you find any relevant information.

If Microsoft Edge Webview2 is fully developed, it will hopefully replace IE.au3 UDF.

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I found that one of my laptops had an Intel CPU with Intel HD Graphics Control Panel installed, and Ctrl+Alt+Arrows rotate the screen orientation. This overrides my hotkeys for changing volume and moving to previous or next file. I never had a need to change screen orientaion, so I diabled the screen rotation shortcuts. The following article explains in detail how to do it.

Edit: My laptop is a Windows 10 PC.

How To Disable Screen Rotation Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10

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Hare Krsna

i just want to give suggestion, why i can choose any music in playlist to be play specifically, if i choose any music listed in playlist and double click it, its not played, and i dont know ,how to select any music from play list to play as i desire..

isnt playlist should allow me to select any music i want and play?

i hope you understand what i meant

i attach one image, i double click that song, but nothing happen..

i really love your player, even though i have vlc or other, your minimize interface and very nice hotkey feature, and every single stuff working perfect, so convenient to use..

i just give suggestion..thanks Hare Krsna


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7 hours ago, subuddhi said:

if i choose any music listed in playlist and double click it, its not played

I don't know why you cannot play a selected file by double-clicking it. In my Windows 10, it works fine. I didn't test it in earlier versions of Windows, but I don't think WM_NOTIFY function would work differently in earlier Windows. Maybe @pixelsearch could comment on this, as I think he is a real guru and must have tested this in Windows 7.

8 hours ago, subuddhi said:

isnt playlist should allow me to select any music i want and play?

Yes, it does. Did you try context menu of the playlist? Right-click on any playlist item will invoke a context menu.

I hope your problem will be resolved soon.

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so my laptop is using windows 7

1 hour ago, CYCho said:

Right-click on any playlist item will invoke a context menu.

i am even can't right click or left click on the playlist window
and i just test that 

from the option in playlist, "Find", "Next", "Revert", is not working, nothing happen when i press them
and "Rescan", "Reshuffle" its work.

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58 minutes ago, subuddhi said:

"Find", "Next", "Revert", is not working, nothing happen when i press them

"Find" and "Next" buttons are for searching a character string in the playlist. You should enter some characters in the input box in front of them to do a search.

1 hour ago, subuddhi said:

even can't right click or left click on the playlist window

Again this behaviour is beyond my comprehension. I'm also curious to know the reason behind this. It may have something to do with your AutoIt and/or SciTE versions. Can you please try the compiled version which you can download HERE?

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