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PixelChecksum don't change value correctly

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Hey, Quite new with Autoit and trying to work out pixelchecksum

I just made a small script just to test how the function worked and did this small code

While 1
    $pos3 = Pixelchecksum(400,600,410,610)
    $mus = mousegetpos()
    ToolTip("specPixel = " & $pos3 & " Coords = " & $mus[0] & "," & $mus[1])

So i start the script and i get a checksum and it stays the same, then i start moving an object towads that checksum area, And the checksum start to change when im at 625 at the y-axis instead of 610, and comming from the top with the object checksum starts changing at 585, once again 15 pixels away from 600. The same goes for the x coords.

It seems that it starts changing 15 pixels from the checksum borders, and i cant figure out why? So it seems my checksumbox is alot bigger then i want it to be, most likely something ive done wrong but im at a loss here.

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question - what are you automating? I ask for pixel searching is terrible at automation for it can be easily broken. Hooking into controls is MUCH more stable. Odds are we already did a script that will do the job for you. If it is a web based app - you may want to look into this:


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